Munchie’s New Mohawk… The Story of a First Haircut

We were a bit apprehensive about the woman wielding a pair of shears, making her way toward the red fire engine chair that Munchie was driving to his first haircut. Frozen was playing on multiple screens, a table of toy trains sat behind him, and brightly colored furniture was placed in an inviting fashion. Other […]

Excuse Me… Is That My Rice?

Munchie loves hibachi. Aunt Lizzie and Momma Bish went to Matsutake and took Munchie along for the ride. He was mesmerized by the show, taking notes on the chef’s ninja-like abilities. He loved the fire, the smoke, and the flying food. His eyes were glued to the performance… and it was amazing. When the food […]

Munchie’s Best Friend… Trickery

While I’m sure Munchie will have a mischievous streak at some point… that isn’t the Trickery I am referring to. Trickery is our dog. She is about two years old now… and our original baby. (The starter “child.”) Trickery is a “special blend” (we don’t use the “m” word in our house)… our best guess […]

How to Take the Perfect Family Photo

Point and click. Then point and click… again… and again… and again. Then scroll through your pictures and select the best (being a relative term) one. Then add an Instagram filter. Then post. I have talked about digital photography¬†before… but I think it is a broad topic that deserves multiple posts… so sit back and […]

Massive Announcement

The U-Haul has arrived and the boxes have been unpacked. Please wipe your feet and leave your shoes in the foyer! Then, let me welcome you to the NEW home of my FABULOUS blog. Ladies and gentlemen, I am now the proud owner of!!! (Applause echoes through the interwebs, as I take a gracious […]
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