WHY THE FRUIT LOOPS DO YOU TOUCH/BREAK EVERYTHING WE OWN?!?!?! I swear toddlers are hard-wired to find anything and everything of value (crap… it doesn’t even have to be of value) in a given space and break it… usually in a way you never even thought possible. The first thing Munchie ever broke was our […]

Family Focused Holidays – A Reflection

Last week, my editor started pestering me about the fact I hadn’t  posted a new blog in three weeks. Zoiks! Any blogger will tell you that the first rule of blogging is to post new content… even if it’s something short… but I ignored that advice… and for good reason… and it all started on […]

Rent a Brother (or Sister)

I think children benefit from being around other children… not just in a social sense (though developing social skills is hella important… and yes, I just used the word hella), but also in a nurturing sense. Many children have the opportunity to grow up with siblings… but what if you only have one child? Even if […]

You May (Not) Get a Christmas Card From Us

4 Years ago, we sent out Save the Dates. 3 Years ago, we mailed our Wedding Invitations. 2 Years ago, we sent Pregnancy Announcements. 1 Year ago, Munchie “drove” into mailboxes. This year… I’m sitting here freaking out about the fact that we have yet to take our Christmas card photo. I know exactly what […]

The Definition of Friendship

  I’m far too lazy today to figure out how Webster or Google define friendship… but I certainly know it when I see it… and I see it in Munchie and Sweet Cheeks. In fact, I don’t just see a friendship… I see a best friendship. Below are a few observations I have made; from […]

Thank Goodness for Throwback (Thanksgiving) Thursday!

Hello, my name is Emily… and I’m the awful Mom Blogger who neglected to post anything last year about Munchie’s First Thanksgiving. It was adorable. It was delicious. His hat was better than your hat. Can we all just take a moment to be thankful for Dunaway Crafts? Last year, for Munchie’s First Thanksgiving, I sent them […]

Three Reasons Mommy Won’t Let You Eat Those

This morning, I exited the  bathroom and was attacked by a screaming Munchie, running through the house at super speed, wielding Reese’s Pumpkins in each hand. His tiny voice was yelling, “MOOOOOM! MOOOOOOOOOOOOOMA! MOOOOOOMMY,” as he frantically waved chocolate and peanut butter goodness in the air, just begging me to unwrap the treats. Well, my little […]

I Have ONE Child… and That’s OKAY.

Many couples will nod in agreement… from the moment you say, “I do,” everyone starts pestering you about when you are going to have a baby. Perhaps you don’t want kids at all, maybe you want to wait, you might be like us – with a plan to start trying right away, or maybe you […]

Macaroni Art is NOT For Breakfast

Very little surprises me anymore. Since I stepped foot on the crazy train, I have learned to expect the unexpected. But… it does seem like just when you think you have seen it all… your kid finds some new and crazy way to try and shock you. Like…seriously… I’m pretty sure Munchie sits awake in his crib […]

Calling All Baby Bumps (and Former Bump Club Members)

Hey MD/DC Metro Mommas – Looking for something awesome to do this weekend? Join me on Sunday, October 12th for Due Date, All Things Baby, at Port Discovery in Baltimore! I’m attending as one of their VIP Mommy Bloggers (whoop whoop… because I’m so famous and stuff) and I really really hope to see some […]
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