My Lazy Attempt to Refinish and Distress Furniture

If you don’t know what is happening in our home, let me fill you in. My WFH hubby (OMG… what did she just say about her husband? Let me save you the Google search – Work From Home) is moving his office to the (unfinished) basement! This will do two things. 1. Become his motivation […]

Impromptu Field Trip… TO THE TOY STORE!

After a week full of being awesome (I mean, I made freaking file folder games), I was a bit out of ideas (and energy) this morning. The kids, on the other hand, were ready to go. After about fifteen minutes of them bouncing off the walls, I decided we needed to head out on an adventure! So, we […]

Make Your Own AWESOME File Folder Games!

You will find them in just about every early education classroom in the country… because they are GENIUS! I’m talking about file folder games. I whipped up three of these during nap time this morning… so they don’t take long… but they do take a slight bit of effort (especially if you want them to […]

Teach Them to Smell the Flowers – Avoiding Nature Deficit Disorder

After spending a day out at the McCoy Family Home (that’s what we call my mom’s house… because though we are grown, a piece of our heart will always remain in the home we built together… the structure is but a house… it is the love that makes it a home), we popped in at my friend’s […]

DIY Fine Motor Sensory Play – Without Spending a Dime!

I’m not about to drop $20 on a toy to help teach my kid fine motor skills… and you shouldn’t either. Grab some small toys (like Legos, the tops of those baby food squeeze pouches) and a container with a hole in the lid (empty wipes containers, coffee canisters with a hole cut in the […]

No More Munchies Jumping on the Bed

We have our first real injury! After three days of being told not to jump on the hotel bed (which is by far the most fun thing you can do in a hotel, but as a responsible adult, I must now put safety first) Munchie learned WHY Mommy and Daddy told him over and over […]

How to Look Like You Have Your Sh*t Together in 3… 2… 1…

Sometimes I post pictures of my kid (and his pre-approved friends) engaging in some form of sensory play that makes it look like I’m running a mother loving Montessori school up in this hiz-ouse. Other moms see my pictures and make comments like, “Oh my goodness,you do such fun stuff with Munchie!” and “How do […]

Mischievous Masterpiece

Sweet-Cheeks climbs up to the table with her coloring book and opens the bin of markers. Munchie is playing quietly in the living room. Taking advantage of this rare moment, I slide into a chair, flip open my laptop, and pull up my email. I glace over my screen to check on the troops. All clear. I […]

Two in Tow

I’m so freaking awesome at being a mom that another child has been entrusted in my care! (And yes, these people have read my blogs and know what they are getting themselves, and their child, into.) She is a very intelligent two year old, beyond adorable, and full of energy and excitement. Yesterday, our adventures began… and […]

Public Sandbox? Oh Yes I Did.

Yesterday afternoon, we met some friends at the park. It started off like any other park playdate… the boys were in the swings. The other mom and I were chatting about sunscreens that protect you from the sun, while leaching cancer causing chemicals into your skin that will slowly destroy your body. Pleasant afternoon conversation, […]
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