Rent a Brother (or Sister)

I think children benefit from being around other children… not just in a social sense (though developing social skills is hella important… and yes, I just used the word hella), but also in a nurturing sense. Many children have the opportunity to grow up with siblings… but what if you only have one child? Even if […]

Thank Goodness for Throwback (Thanksgiving) Thursday!

Hello, my name is Emily… and I’m the awful Mom Blogger who neglected to post anything last year about Munchie’s First Thanksgiving. It was adorable. It was delicious. His hat was better than your hat. Can we all just take a moment to be thankful for Dunaway Crafts? Last year, for Munchie’s First Thanksgiving, I sent them […]

Halloween is a Little Sweeter… The Second Time Around

As I sit here, indulging in (a few bites of) the candy I have siphoned out of Munchie’s pumpkin pail of loot from last night’s Trick-or-Treating adventures (okay, fine… it’s been more than a couple bites… but it was cold, so I upped the candy tax for this year), I can’t help but reminisce about the […]

Playing Games… and Testing Boundaries

Coming from a family of sarcastic tricksters, we weren’t shocked when Munchie started psyching us out (though I do admit, I wasn’t expecting this from him at such a young age).  From the time he was just a few months old, we started practicing the phrase, “not in the mouth,” which I must admit is […]

Up Up and Away! Tips and Tricks We Learned About Flying with a Wee One

Last week, Munchie boarded his first plane. We flew from DC to JFK and then to Austin. Coming home, we flew from Austin to ATL, and then home to DC. (Only including these details for Munchie… when he one day reads my blogs to his therapist, he can stumble upon the occasional fascinating factoid.) Even […]

No More Munchies Jumping on the Bed

We have our first real injury! After three days of being told not to jump on the hotel bed (which is by far the most fun thing you can do in a hotel, but as a responsible adult, I must now put safety first) Munchie learned WHY Mommy and Daddy told him over and over […]

Adventures of Earl… Tooth Numero Seis

You would think that after your kid gets their first tooth, you would stop getting so damn excited. I mean, most baby books only have a spot for you to fill in a date for the first tooth. Fortunately, I’m not sticking to any rules, regulations, or guidelines about how I should limit my excitement […]

Two in Tow

I’m so freaking awesome at being a mom that another child has been entrusted in my care! (And yes, these people have read my blogs and know what they are getting themselves, and their child, into.) She is a very intelligent two year old, beyond adorable, and full of energy and excitement. Yesterday, our adventures began… and […]

Small Town Charm… Carnival Style

As we wound our way through back country roads, Munchie waving a foam sword around in the backseat… yelling (at what I can only assume to be imaginary pirates stealing his precious loot), I bask in the glorious reality that (perhaps for the first time in almost a year) I will be enjoying a delightful […]

Mom, I Need a Moment… This Ice Cream is Heavenly.

The warmth of Summer is in the air (because in Maryland, we got about two weeks of Spring this year), which can only mean one thing. It’s time for ice cream. Now, while some people will hob-flob around their ice cream choices… I crave a very specific “start of Summer” treat. Chocolate and vanilla swirl […]
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