Macaroni Art is NOT For Breakfast

Very little surprises me anymore. Since I stepped foot on the crazy train, I have learned to expect the unexpected. But… it does seem like just when you think you have seen it all… your kid finds some new and crazy way to try and shock you. Like…seriously… I’m pretty sure Munchie sits awake in his crib […]

Reason #147 Mommy Can’t Pee Alone

One of the most impossible tasks to complete with a toddler is USING THE RESTROOM! I’m not even talking about public bathrooms. I’m talking about trying to pee in my own freaking house. When Mommy needs to take a tinkle, she has two options. 1. Haul the kid in with her. 2. Lock the kid out. […]

Tricks to Being Productive with a Toddler Around

I have read books, blogs, and articles written by mothers who divulge their secret ways of managing to get work done. Some take their kids to fast food restaurants with big plastic play places… where $3 of overly processed fried food (Wait… McDonald’s has apples now.. so that’s good… right?) and germ infested equipment will […]

The Homemade Bread Saga Better Known as, My Psychotic Bread-pisode

So, my husband is out of town and I’m basking in the summer air, downtown, in our adorable little city. Bricks line the sidewalks, cover sides of buildings, cute little signs poke out from the side of buildings, advertising quaint local businesses. As I share an ice cream with Munchie, I imagine my pre-baby, pre-marriage […]

Mom, I Need a Moment… This Ice Cream is Heavenly.

The warmth of Summer is in the air (because in Maryland, we got about two weeks of Spring this year), which can only mean one thing. It’s time for ice cream. Now, while some people will hob-flob around their ice cream choices… I crave a very specific “start of Summer” treat. Chocolate and vanilla swirl […]

Public Sandbox? Oh Yes I Did.

Yesterday afternoon, we met some friends at the park. It started off like any other park playdate… the boys were in the swings. The other mom and I were chatting about sunscreens that protect you from the sun, while leaching cancer causing chemicals into your skin that will slowly destroy your body. Pleasant afternoon conversation, […]

Pregnancy Flashback: I Hated Being Pregnant

This was me ONE YEAR AGO. I still had a month left in my pregnancy. I was spending every day in massive swollen misery. But, let’s rewind… because this isn’t how it was supposed to be. No, this wasn’t even close. I was going to be cute, and have a little belly, and bounce back. […]

Confession: I Am To Immature For Nursery Rhymes

Before my husband and I were married, it was expressed by some individuals that I may not be mature enough to take his last name. They were right. Nothing amuses me more than putting names in at a restaurant, just so someone has to yell BISH when our table is ready. Oh, the looks we […]

Confession: I’m Not Perfect

I would like to clear something up. Even though my sporadic posts may look like I have my shit together… I seriously have no idea what I am doing. Please keep in mind that I am showing you very brief snapshots of our life. If you think I’m perfect, then I am not doing a […]
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