The Best Babysitter Ever

Babysitters are one of the hottest and most safely guarded commodities in the parenting community. If you have a good one, you almost never talk about it – for fear someone will ask that you share your beloved sitter with them (possibly stealing them away on a night/day you may have needed care). But, aside from going on and trusting some random stranger the internet suggests… referrals from friends are kind of the way to go when it comes to caring for the bambinos. I tell you all of that to say… this one is MINE.

Introducing, Miss S! “She’s just always my favorite babysitter,” says Munchie.

He declined to comment further, as he was engrossed in a movie, but I can assure you… it’s because she’s AWESOME.

Firstly, I don’t think babysitters should be confined to a space. I give Miss. S permission to transport Munchie (which I’m not saying you should do without knowing you sitter or their driving record). They go all over the place! (She’s a college student, so she’s been driving for a while… I’ve been in the car with her… she’s a family friend… not just some rand-o driving my kid around.) She’s a car seat professional… as I trained her myself (and I’m a car seat psycho)… so I feel incredibly safe with her transporting my child.

Sometimes they go places with older kids – like SkyZone with her brother’s friends (who are in high school) and I think that’s great! You know why? Miss. S doesn’t take bologna from anyone and wouldn’t allow inappropriate shenanigans, foul language, etc around my kid. Again… I trust her. You need to trust your sitter. Also – Miss S reported that after a recent snow, this same group of teenagers went sledding and started talking about how they wished Munchie was with them and how much fun it would be! Does that not just melt your heart?!?!

They go to the mall, she takes him to the park… out to dinner… even to her family home to play with her old toys. She taught him how to play MARIO KART! Her whole family enjoys his company!

Did I mention Miss S is in culinary school and Munchie said they COOK TOGETHER?!?! He’s always telling me about something she just fed him.

The other night, at bedtime, she picked him up and took him to Bruster’s for free ice cream on Pajama Day… JUST BECAUSE! We didn’t even need a babysitter! She just did it!

Sometimes she takes him for the whole day… and returns him about an hour after bedtime… completely asleep! “Yeah, we went to TGI Fridays and he fell asleep at the table.” We just giggle and carry him up to bed.

I did a good amount of volunteering before Munchie was born and worked with a lot of teenagers. Now, these former middle/high schoolers are responsible young adults and some of them are stellar babysitters… who grace us with their brilliance from time to time.  I have a list of babysitters I can call to watch my kid, my friend’s kids, and I know they can be trusted. Big thanks to all of you.. and a very special thank you to Miss. S!!!

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