Cousins are the BEST

When Munchie was born, I simply didn’t think he could get any cuter. Then, my niece (Little Momma) was born… and she’s hella cute… and we put them beside one another… and they became this adorable little mess of perfection that made your heart melt into a puddle on the floor. I mean, can you get any more freaking PRECIOUS?!?!

No. No, you can’t.

So, growing up… my sister and I were incredibly lucky to be surrounded by our super crazy giant family and what seemed like a gazillion great-grandparents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. From spur of the moment cookouts and pool parties with my relatives who lived near… to incredibly massive family reunions where we were greeted by folks from far and wide, our family was close.

We had a close relationship with our cousins (still do) and spent a good amount of time together. It’s not an accident that Munchie and Little Momma are growing up together… it’s completely intentional.

Couple Shout Outs to my Cousins Really Quick:

Lots and lot and lots of swimming.

French Toast. (Because our Mam’s french toast is unbeatable)

Shows (These horrible events my cousin and I would orchestrate and force our parents to watch. In all fairness… they “weren’t even any good.”)

I’m not saying who… but someone stole a kitten. (Technically, it was a free kitten… but you were NOT allowed to have it.)

Curling brushes. (We’re still really sorry!)

Also, a public apology for ruining Christmas one year for my cousin and telling her she was getting a Game Boy. #mybad #oops #cantkeepsecrets #donttellmeanything

This is my cousin, Matt.

Errr… that’s enough… haha!

Ugh… back to these snazzy little things. I just can’t get enough of their cute and squishy little faces! Can you? Anyway… they love each other to pieces and literally squeal with joy and run to greet each other with big hugs. Yeah… these cousins are pretty awesome. I can’t wait to witness their shenanigans.

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