Te Amo Llamas – Our New School

As parents, we are constantly faced with a myriad of decisions to make on behalf of our children. Some of these decisions are much easier than others. For instance… I honestly don’t care what Munchie wears to school, so long as he’s adequately covered. The decision to dictate my child’s appearance? Like… be clean… but other than that? Literally, not a battle I give two flips about fighting. The decision about this kiddo’s education, however? Now, that’s a much bigger conversation.

I stayed home with Munchie for a couple of years before returning to work. At that time, we enrolled him in an awesome school that proved to be a great fit for our family at the time. For the next couple years, Munchie would be really happy at his preschool. Fast forward to about a month and a half ago. Then, things changed… and Munchie starting having a difficult time. Daddy Bish and I reached out for some advice and started looking at alternative preschool options in the area.

You know what’s tricky? Finding a decent Pre-K with availability in January!

Not to worry – we persisted!

One evening, upon picking Munchie up from school, I was informed there had been another incident. I was also informed that now, in addition to withdrawing from classroom activities, Munchie was opting out of art projects.


It was that evening that Daddy Bish and I agreed, without hesitation, to immediately transition Munchie to a new environment.

Insert a few days of reverting back to SAHM status and school tours.

When researching schools, we had a lot of things to consider… but my biggest concern was how well MY child… my precious little angel baby… would function in the environment. Munch likes to move freely. He’s a kid. I don’t want him to be stifled. He’s creative. He’s a thinker and a problem solver and a doer… but he’s a mover and a thumb twiddler. I needed a teacher who would not just accept that but love that. I needed a staff who would embrace that. I needed space for Munchie to run and a schedule to allow it. I needed room and freedom for him to discover and permission to make mistakes. We were looking for an environment where Munchie could grow to his full potential and the teachers weren’t stretched beyond their capacity. We were looking for a land of unicorns that only exists in fairytales. Right?!?!

WRONG!!!! WE TOTALLY FOUND IT!!!! Technically, no unicorns… but they do have llamas, so I feel like it’s still okay.

The school follows a Reggio Emilia approach, which is uuuhhhh-mazing (read about it, if you haven’t) and academics aren’t seen as developmentally appropriate until closer to the 1st grade. That being said, this morning I opened Munchie’s backpack, found a Valentine (pictured above), and learned they are already teaching him to write in English AND Spanish… so my mind is a little blown. Ha!

This kiddo is thrilled to go to school, has a smile on his face at the end of the day, is bringing home loads of incredible art… and we couldn’t be happier. Oh, wait… yes we could. Did I mention the unofficial mascot is the llama?!?! That totally makes us happier! #GoLlamas

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