Mommin’ Ain’t Easy

Can we all please just cut the Corn Flakes and quit pretending to be perfect? It’s EXHAUSTING! I see your adorable photos of the kids sitting in their clean playroom. How long did it stay that way? Do they get to play with those toys? And what about that picture you posted of their well-balanced meal? How much of that stuffed bell pepper did that actually consume? How about those roasted vegetables? Did you really fool your kid with that spaghetti squash (because, kids aren’t fools and squash isn’t spaghetti)? I’m not a perfect parent… and neither are you… and that is OKAY.

Let’s face the facts people. Raising kids is NOT easy. I’m currently sitting next to a child who is covered in marker that wouldn’t come off in the bathtub… complete with red eyebrows (he did a lovely job and didn’t even have a mirror) and a whole rainbow of colors on his arm. Guess what – it’ll come off eventually! And… we don’t have family photos coming up anytime soon, so I’m in the clear. I do have to remember to bathe him a few times this week or his teachers will definitely notice though.

But this whole parenting thing… not easy. We need to cut ourselves some slack. Kick back and take a chill pill (figuratively, I don’t mean drugs). But for real… relax a bit… because we are probably the most high strung generation of parents that ever walked the face of the planet. (Based on my personal observation… and probably science.) Pick any topic… food, sun, education, sleep, medication, diapers, toys… and people have 900 kazillion opinions about what you should and shouldn’t be doing.

Do you know how many hours I spent researching what kid of foods to feed my child? WAY TOO MANY. A couple weeks ago he literally ate a piece of candy off of the floor from UNDER the quarter machines at the Dollar Tree while I was putting out cart back. It took three seconds. I thought I was going to die. Guess what. NO ONE DIED. But, good thing we eat gluten free organic pasta and I made all his baby food (because I’m cheap, not pretentious). Or let’s talk about all those hours I spent throwing away all the food in our house with added sugar a couple years ago… but then on Thursday night we went to the carnival and only ate popcorn and cotton candy (possibly for dinner…don’t judge me).

Time to fess up on sun safety. Who freaks the bleep out when the EWG releases their Sun Safety list for the year, which is totally out… but would be a disservice for me to link to… because every mom ever would spend seven hours researching their sunscreen and feeling miserable about the $35 they already spent on sunscreen for the season and go spend another $35+ to feel safe for the year. You know what’s worse than your sunscreen? SKIN CANCER! Use your freaking sunscreen!

Everything on the list can be researched to death… along with literally every decision you have to make about your child’s life. Just remember… YOU are the parent. Make a SMART decision that works for YOUR family. Don’t be too hard on yourself… relax… no one is perfect! ┬áParents that seem to have it all together aren’t showing us the bigger picture. Don’t worry… they aren’t better than you… they are just better at faking it.


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