May Your Memories Be Dirty and Stained

Yesterday afternoon, we piled in the car and headed to Mayne’s Farm for some strawberry picking*. As we headed toward the farm it started to sprinkle and as we got closer the drops started falling faster. Now, when you promise a three-year-old strawberry addict that you are going to pick strawberries… backing out of that promise is sure to end in disaster. Plus, I’m quite the strawberry lover myself and had really been looking forward to this… so there may have been two of us sulking in the rain.

THANKFULLY THEY WERE OPEN! And though it was drizzling, the rain really wasn’t that bad. Munchie, Daddy Bish, and I got our boxes and headed into the field. We learned that Daddy is a master strawberry picker with some serious strategy, Munchie has been trained extremely well out on the farm (thanks Bubby and PawPaw!) and knows exactly which strawberries to pick, and that Momma Bish is the slow one (but I did find the biggest strawberries). In the end, we got a nice pile of strawberries, made some memories, killed some time, and spent less than $9!

As we were leaving the farm, we started talking about how strawberry picking was kind of a unique experience for Munchie’s generation, as was getting dirty, and especially spending time out at the farm. The reality is, kids just don’t get much of an opportunity to do things like that anymore. On the way to the farm, and then again on the way home, we passed by land that had just been farmland and was now being turned into another neighborhood. I mean, it was JUST a farm a couple years ago. This whole area was farms and now there are homes being built that barely even have yard space. I can’t help but wonder where the kids who move into those homes will play. In the street? That’s where the kids in our court play. At least they are outside playing. Right? (Seriously, this is why I Tinkergarten.)

Get outside with your kids… in nature… even if you have to drive to it. Let your kids play in the dirt and stain their clothes with more than markers. Don’t you want to SEE the proof of a childhood well lived? Sure, it might be messy… and yeah… you might need to scrub a little harder and use a bit more elbow grease to get it out (or not… get some blue Dawn… yeah, the dish soap… that stuff is amazing)… but isn’t it worth it?!?!?


* Local folks, Mayne’s said they will be open for about another week and a half before their crop is finished for the season. We highly recommend checking it out. Be aware – they are cash only! There’s an ATM right down the road if you forget, which we totally had to hit up. They were super sweet about it. 🙂

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