Parties So Awesome, the Police Show Up.

Dear Future Munchie,

You are only allowed to ride in the FRONT of police vehicles.

Love, Mommy

Yesterday, we went to a birthday party that will certainly be difficult to top. The kids ran around the park participating in a “Junior Officer Training Course” that included drone launching (stomp rockets), Cop-scotch, a bubble gun range, hula hooping, doughnut toss, and trip around the playground for their physical test. In the end, they helped solve a crime, caught some bad guys, and found some stolen loot. By the time the pizza arrived, kids had embarked on a great adventure. After pizza, the kids started playing around again… and then it happened.

Up rolls a police officer… and his trusty K-9 partner. WHAT!?!? I’ve seen clowns and magicians and face painters at kid parties… but a K-9 Unit!?!?! Talk about making a 4 year old’s party one for the books! The kids got to pet the dog, as the officer questions, and tour his vehicle (which was way cooler than any cop car I’ve ever seen).

Golly jeepers… the last party I was at when the police showed up was… my sister’s wedding… and my wedding before that. (Because the bat crazy neighbors didn’t appreciateĀ a good time… no one left in a police car… got that Munch? No one left in a police car… very important detail.) Oh, those weddings were the best parties of our lives… complete with moon bounce… but that’s a story for another time.

Growing up, I feel like I had awesome parties. Magicians, a mad scientist, numerous parties at McDonalds (back when they had a Play Place), and Kid-N-Around (like Discovery Zone… but without the roller slide of doom)… I’d say my parents nailed it. Thanks Mom and Dad!

I hope Munchie looks back on his birthdays and remembers them as a time of excitement and joy and indulgence. Sure, all the bells and whistles are nice… but ultimately, I want him to remember being surrounded by friends and family, eating copious amounts of cake, and celebrating his awesomeness. It’s not about what you have, the gifts you receive, or the food you eat (except sugar… there should be sugar)… it’s about the people you celebrate with! This is important to remember – Moms, take note! (And for the love of all things, stop trying to one up each other or we will all be screwed.)

Three cheers for awesome celebrations – and a BIG shout out to our law enforcement on this one! Also, thanks to anyone who has ever made a party extra special… even if that just means you showed up! AND… Happy birthday to our Police Party Friend (you know who you are)!

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