Porta-Potties (because sometimes you can’t be picky)


Hey, when you gotta go… you gotta go. Some people have the luxury of holding their bodily functions until they are in a more convenient and comfortable setting… but in the world of potty training, when your kid says potty… you find a potty (even if that means building one faster than a Lego Master Builder) and call it good. Those who know me (or have read my blog enough), are quite familiar with the fact I’m an Ulcerative Colitis patient. (I’ll wait… go ahead and google.) In a nutshell, I don’t always have the luxury of waiting until I get home, to my final destination, or heck… sometimes even to a real destination (hello embankment on the side of the road, construction porta-potty, etc).

From the time he was itty bitty, I’ve hauled this porta-potty champion into a gazillion public facilities… and now he’s able to use these brilliant thrones on his own accord. Where most people would cringe, I celebrate – my kid can poop just about anywhere (though he’s getting pretty good at holding it)… I know that if we need a potty, he won’t be too picky. Something pretty much every GI patient celebrates with their kiddos.

Now, if YOU freak out… go ahead and get full potty covers. They sell them. You can find them on Amazon. We have them for super funky places.

To all the porta-potty people of the world – thank you for your portable restrooms! They are a freaking miracle and I beyond appreciate all you do to make them accessible to us all. Cheers!

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