My Toddler Turned Into a Kid… and Here’s Why You Noticed

Toddler Turned Into a Kid

Yesterday, I posted a few pictures of Munchie to my personal social media accounts. Before long, I had a slew of comments on each photo to the tune of… OMG – HE GREW UP OVERNIGHT… and WHEN DID HE BECOME A REAL KID!?!?

I looked at the pictures again and even pulled my husband into the conversation. Looking at the same photos everyone else was seeing, we noted that he certainly didn’t look like a toddler anymore (though he certainly acts like one)… but why were people just noticing?

Maybe it was his hair? Like bathing, haircuts have become hell. Unlike bathing, haircuts are slightly more optional. We’ve certainly been choosing our battles… and his hair is absolutely longer than it’s ever been. Maybe it’s the hair? The bangs over his forehead? Do boys have bangs? Is it just called extra hair? I’m just calling it bangs. (Quick note to the next person that approaches my child in an attempt to trim the mane – LET HIM EAT THE LOLLIPOP! He doesn’t care if hair falls on the thing. He usually keeps it in his mouth anyway! But let’s just say he takes it out and some hair falls on the sticky ball of glassy sugar… he’s eaten worse. )

Then, we noted Munchie’s fabulous “cheese” face. He’s been perfecting that face for MONTHS… and I think he has finally #nailedit. Perhaps the view of his little pearly whites (#thestruggleisreal when it comes to brushing these beauties – I’m seeing a pattern – my kid wants to be filthy – hygiene is not his cup of tea)?

What about his posture? When he cheeses, his posture improves… could that be it?

Or his height? Possibly. I mean, strangers are ALWAYS shocked to learn he’s only two and a half. (Also, people can shove it. I don’t mind the reactions of, “OMG, he looks so much older than that,” but don’t look at me weird when you see me changing his diaper in the restroom… he’s freaking two. Even if he wasn’t two – YOU DON’T KNOW HIM! Don’t be a judgmental douchecanoe.)  But – in these Facebook photos people are commenting on… he’s sitting down.

His clothes? Certainly not. In one of the pictures, he isn’t even wearing pants. In addition to being dirty, he also wants to be a nudist. Oh great… my son is going to be a dirty nudist. (Munchie, if you are reading this as an adult… I love you… but please go take a shower.)

After analyzing the “all grown up” photos, I finally got the idea to scroll through my posts and look at other recent photos. Scrolling. Scrolling. Where the frick were all the pictures of my beloved child?!?! Scrolling… scrolling. There! TWO WEEKS AGO?!?! Scrolling… scrolling… THREE WEEKS AGO?!?! Scrolling… Scrolling… Scrolling… ARE THESE CHRISTMAS PHOTOS?!?!?

Ladies and gentlemen who believe my child transformed into a REAL BOY KID (he’s always been a real boy… since the doctors pulled him out of my abdomen and he immediately started peeing all over the operating room)… he has. Spending pretty much every day with him, the change was gradual… but my lack of photo posts (primarily due to a bit of stranger danger anxiety… but that’s another story) showed Munchie’s transformation from toddler to kid in just a couple of pictures – the majority of which he wasn’t looking at the camera, smiling… or was bundled up like Ralphie’s brother.

I’m really happy people brought this to my attention… or honestly… I would have missed it. My baby is growing… and despite the incredible amount of stubbornness and attitude (don’t look at ME!)… we are loving this stage of his life. HE’S SO MUCH FUN!!!

Random rambling… complete.



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