The Day Our Play-Doh Died (and We Made More)

The Day the Play-Doh Died

After a week of continuous assault (thanks to that awesome blizzard), my Play-Doh addicted child had finally squeezed the last ounce of life out of his crumbly play clay (which is now resting in pieces at the bottom of our trash can… and under the couch… and in tiny crevices all over the ding-dang house). When I say my child has an addiction to this dough – I’m not kidding. He won’t go anywhere without it. Though we try to confine the stuff to our main level – he’s managed to sneak it up to his room somehow. I would say via pocket – but we all know my child is a wannabe nudist – so it’s gotta be going up there in his diaper… or maybe he’s hiding it in his cheek like a squirrel (I was going to say like some sort of prison inmate – but we don’t let him watch OITNB).

Shy of sleeping with it (it naps on a high shelf within view), he’s either playing with the stuff or carrying it around in a bowl, cup, basket, or straight in his hand. Munchie doesn’t even have to have it out of the container! He lines up his cans and they talk to each other, watch shows together, sing songs… it’s adorable… and can be a little creepy at times.

Whatever the case… he’s been playing with the same cans of Play-Doh since Christmas… and the stuff was funky. It needed to go. Knowing I couldn’t handle a breakdown (or the therapy costs later on in life when he told a mental health professional that I threw away his best friend) with this much snow left on the ground, I put my crafty pants on and we headed to the kitchen.

I have to give my son’s teacher props – because he almost walked me though the process of mixing up a new batch of dough on his own. (Little kids are gross – so I assume the classes are constantly switching out their supply.) We whipped up a batch of my FAVORITE homemade play dough (from back in the day when I was one of those overachieving stay at home Pinterest moms – but don’t worry – this one’s really simple and by far the most texturally pleasing recipe I’ve found). Munchie mixed all the ingredients together and was excited (and super cautious) to be using the stove to cook our dough.

Since I can’t do anything by the book, we did leave out the food coloring. Instead, we divided the dough in half and added a packet of Kool-Aid (the cheap ones without sugar) to the dough. Be sure you have a stain resistant surface for the kneading!

In a matter of minutes (maybe about 15 minutes… because I let him help with measuring), we had a new batch of play dough, split into two awesome new colors. Blue Raspberry Lemonade and Mango Peach! The new dough smells awesome. An added bonus – I know exactly what’s in it… so if he sneaks a taste (which he will) it’s no big deal (and going to taste like a salt lick).

Three cheers for channeling my inner overachiever Pinterest  SAHM self and saving the day! Now it’s time for my favorite stay at home throwback… NAP TIME!

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