Last Minute Basket Boppity

Easter Basket Boppity

Dude, seriously? It’s like 11pm the night before Easter and you TOTALLY forgot about that ding dang bunny you child is expecting to get treats from in the morning… but you have been too busy working/cleaning/checking FB/etc and neglected to push your way through the crowds this year. Perhaps you literally forgot… or maybe you are still in therapy over last year’s fiasco of taking an elbow to the face while reaching for the last Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg (no, I feel no remorse for my actions… those things are my primary springtime food group… #sorrynotsorry).

Honestly, I don’t care why you have been caught empty-handed tonight… but whatever your reason, just thank your lucky stars it’s just an Easter basket… and not as severe as waiting until Christmas Eve to start shopping for gifts. I can totally help you out… so, let’s begin.

Okay, your kid(s) is/are in bed. If this is a two parent household, someone can just run out and scavenge the shelves of the local pharmacy, grocery store, Target… or (because these are desperate times) the gas station. Easter related or not… just grab it!

If you are the only adult… you might have to get a bit more creative. Perhaps a neighbor will take pity on you and stay with your kid while you follow the shelf scraping scenario mention above… but if not, prepare to get creative!

Depending on the age of your kids, you might be able to pull a few quick ones. Go take a look in your snack cabinet. See anything good? (Heck, I put apple pouches and gummies in my kid’s basket. I literally took them OUT OF THE PANTRY!)

Now head over to the creative/art/crafty area of your house. See any new-ish stickers? Coloring books? Bubbles? Sidewalk Chalk (not even a whole box, just a couple new sticks)? New art stuff that hasn’t been opened? It’s all fair game! If they’ve had it for a couple of weeks and haven’t touched it… you can pretty much bet they have forgotten about it.

Same goes for toys they haven’t seen or played with in a while. Dig deep in that toy box!

Have kids who are a bit older? Hop online and start printing out tickets to local museums, events, etc.
– Mini Golf
– Laser Tag
– Train Museum
– Trampoline Park
– Rock Climbing
– Movie Tickets
– Pump It Up

You can even make your own coupon book with stuff they might actually enjoy.
– 30 extra minutes of screen time
– Ice cream date with Mom
– Dinner at Chuckie Cheese (Yeah, I know it sounds like hell… but keep in mind… YOU SCREWED UP! Bet you’ll remember the chocolate next year!)
– Go shopping for a new kite
– Family hike/bike/run
– Picnic in the park
– Trip to the garden center to pick out flowers for spring

Another idea for kids who are a bit older is giving them cash… and then taking them shopping the day AFTER Easter… and they can get twice as much candy/toys with their money.

In terms of the basket? Grab a basket, bowl, box… whatever you can find! Skip that stupid Easter grass (you can tell your kids you are saving the environment or something)… and arrange everything nicely.

Now, set it on the table, take a couple bites out of that carrot they left for the mystical beast, and leave some flour footprints on the table. If you hooked them up with a “unique” gift, you can write a note explaining that you thought it would mean more to them than candy.

OH, SUPER IMPORTANT… if you fail to find any sweets for that basket… either bake something immediately, or stick $5 in their basket so they can buy some.

If you read this and don’t think you need the advice… I bet you know someone who does… so you might want to share it, post it, pin it, tweet it… whatever… because you could save a little kid’s Easter and keep the magic of that mystical furry rabbit alive.

1 thought on “Last Minute Basket Boppity

  1. Thanks Em, I’m reading this this morning and took your advice on the cash deal! The girls are older now but still hid the baskets for our annual tradition. Happy Easter!

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