Send Auntie K to HARVARD!


Auntie K has been selected to attend a Leadership Summit at HARVARD! Get more details about this opportunity here.

Don’t know who Auntie K is? Um… pretty much one of my favorite people in the world. She’s a high school student with incredible aspirations, hopes, and dreams. Remember that age when you truly believed you could do ANYTHING you put your mind to? Well, she’s there… and she really does have the determination, drive, and brains to achieve pretty much anything she could possibly want to do (like, legit smart).

She’s also one of the only teenagers I trust to care for Munchie (there are literally only three or four high school students I will leave him with) and he loves her to pieces. Oh, and did I mention she’s my editor? That’s right – she edits everything I post, so I don’t look like a total fool on the interwebs. (Which, I totally did look like at one point… before she cleaned up the evidence.)

To sum it all up… Auntie K is AWESOME and I want to do whatever I can to support her in reaching her goals and achieving her dreams. She has the opportunity to attend a Leadership Summit this summer at Harvard through People to People (I’m sure a LOT of us have some sort of connection to this organization).

The catch? This adventure comes with quite a hefty price tag… so, she’s asking for our help. If you’re looking for a way to help a promising young woman continue her transformation into a strong leader, I encourage you to kick a few bucks her way. Think of it as an investment in the future!

A lot of times on these online fundraising sites, people are hesitant to make a donation because they don’t know the person… but now you do… and she’s fabulous! Sometimes, people feel like there is a minimum amount to donate… but there isn’t! Heck, skip your latte today and send her a fiver… grab a handful of paper shreds from the office recycle bin for your kid’s Easter basket and send her the two bucks you saved on Easter grass… that twenty you keep in your wallet for emergencies, send her that – our future is pretty freaking important and this kid is our FUTURE! Trust me, every little bit helps… and Auntie K won’t disappoint. (Hmm… maybe I’ll have her recap this adventure in a guest post upon her return!)

BEST WISHES TO OUR FAVORITE AUNTIE K! Your leadership abilities, passionate attitude, incredible determination, and creative “out of the box” mindset will take you far in life. Cheers!

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