I Love Pizza… and Mommy


After 30-minutes of NOT napping, I rescued Munchie from the torturous confines of his room. He had tossed all the contents of his crib over the rails, including his beloved binkie, buddy, blankies, and CRIB SHEET… because I guess throwing out the crib sheet is the toddler equivalent of an adult throwing in the towel.

All he wanted was OUT of his crib. He immediately requested we “sugg-le” together on the floor and read some books. Freaking adorable. He proceeded to poke the eyes of every character in the pile of books we read. Then, he insisted on a song. After “You are My Sunshine,” he said, “AGAIN!” About 27 encores later, he let me off the hook.

We came downstairs and I offered him an early lunch. “Pizza or bock bock chicken, Alex?”

“Chi-chin!” – This is pretty much his go to… so we always double-check, if another option is available.

“You want bock bock chicken? Or do you want pizza?”

“EEEEZZZZAAAAHHHH!!!!!” Yeah, I was pretty sure he didn’t initially comprehend (or hear… because he is already perfecting the skill of ignoring adults).

I reach into the fridge, grab a slice of cold pizza, plop it on a plate, and hand it to him. (He freaks out if we put it in the microwave and part of it gets hot… so don’t judge.)

Taking his plate to the table is his new favorite thing… so he carefully grabs the plate and starts walking toward his seat. He then stops, turns, and says, “Tanch you, Mom!” (Two things… tanch is thank… and he started saying Mom and Dad before Mommy and Daddy.)

I respond with, “Aww, you’re welcome, Buddy,” and kiss him on the cheek.

He marches to the table while saying, “I yuvoo.”

*Momma Bish melts into a puddle.*

This new thing of giving kisses and saying, “I love you,” independently and not as a parrotedĀ response is freaking precious. Kind of makes me happy he refused to go down for a nap. It was worth it.


Please note: Despite his charm, this kid WILL MOST DEFINITELY be napping this afternoon.

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