Calling All Baby Bumps (and Former Bump Club Members)

Due Date Baby

Hey MD/DC Metro Mommas – Looking for something awesome to do this weekend? Join me on Sunday, October 12th for Due Date, All Things Baby, at Port Discovery in Baltimore! I’m attending as one of their VIP Mommy Bloggers (whoop whoop… because I’m so famous and stuff) and I really really hope to see some of your fabulous faces there!

Don’t even get me started on how much I LOVE Port Discovery… and what a genius place to have an event for new and expecting mommies! If you have kids, I suggest bringing them (and Dad… or some sort of responsible party) and going two separate directions at the door. Mommy can head one way for a fabulous afternoon of exhibits and seminars… and the rest of the family can go crazy at my favorite children’s museum ever! (Seriously… if you haven’t been there, google it and just go ahead and buy your tickets… because you are going to fall in love.)

So, what is Due Date? Omigosh… I’m so happy you asked! Ever been to one of those crazy bridal expos that are filled with bridezillas, mauling each other for a bite-size sample of chocolate cake? Well… it’s like that… only take away the psycho brides who want to kill each other… and add tons of amazing new and expectant mommies (and some daddies, too) who are looking to gain or share information with one another… AND a ton of fabulous exhibitors… AND GIVEAWAYS (4 Moms Breeze Playard, massive gift baskets of MAM and Lansinoh products, an Ingenuity InTrust 35 Pro Infant Carseat, Medela Pump In Style Advanced with On-the-go Tote, family admission to Ripley’s Believe It or Not in Baltimore, and more)!

I’m super excited to check out all of the awesome vendor exhibits, see what new products are available on the market, and get some sweet tips on how I might be able to hone my parenting skills (if not for this child, then surely to pass along to other mommies). Event presenters will lead workshops such as Breastfeeding 101 (presented by Lansinoh… who I would totally trust for advice on this), Car Seat Safety, and Sleep Talk Therapy (which I haven’t ever heard of… but sounds amazing)!

So, what are you waiting for? Hop on over to their website, check it out, buy your tickets… and I’ll see you there!

I’m always up for meeting new mommy friends and I can’t wait to get to Due Date tomorrow!

(Hmm… perhaps we could sneak away afterward for a glass of wine with our new mommy friends… and the new mommies to be can indulge in some sort of fabulous dessert.)

OH – AND… I get to bring a super fabulous guest with me… so the competition is on… who wants a free ticket and HOW are you willing to earn said ticket? Ready… set… GO!!!

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