Driving (Mommy) Up the Wall – Vertical Learning

Driving Mommy Up the Wall

The kids are always driving their cars around on the walls, so I figured a little ingenuity would surely make this a more educational (and fun) activity. Since I started putting our new playroom together, I have been trying to come up with ideas for using not only the flat floor space, but also our vertical wall space, to engage the kids in play. This seemed like a perfect opportunity!

Before doing anything extreme, like painting roads all over my walls, I figured I would see if the munchkins would even care about the vertical roadway idea I had in my mind. So, I reached for the painter’s tape and started creating lines and curves on my open wall space.

Immediately, the kids started grabbing cars and tracing the lines! I must admit, I was slightly impressed. (Okay, Munchie didn’t trace the lines… but he mimicked Sweet Cheeks and her mad driving skills.) The large curves quickly became a favorite.

A couple helpful tips…
1. Be sure your kids use cars designated for INDOOR use only, or you are going to have all sorts of dirt on your walls. I also recommend using the old gym class rule of “non-scuff” cars. (Unless you don’t care about your walls or have plans of painting in the future.)
2. Choose your wall WISELY! I put Munchie down for a nap and quickly realized Sweet Cheeks was zooming cars around on the wall that bordered his bedroom. Zoiks! We quickly made a second set of roads on a “safer” wall.

Vertical learning is super fun, a fabulous way to expand your play space, and I’m pretty sure if I weren’t so lazy, I could Google a million ways vertical learning will promote your child’s brain function and require an extra-large college saving plan for your future ivy league student.

Happy Driving! Beep – Beep!


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