Today, I Remember (Yes, I Know It’s 9/12)

This morning, I woke up, fed the dog, got Munchie a bottle, made a cup of coffee, and sat down at the computer to (like I do every morning) scroll through my Facebook newsfeed. Countless “We Remember” posts, articles, and stories filled my screen. Yesterday, I saw a few… but I simply wasn’t in an emotional state that could handle fully remembering.

Don’t get me wrong, I honored the day. Like so many, I took five minutes to come up with a truly heartfelt ┬ácomment to post to the world. But, that isn’t doing the most horrific tragedy of my generation any justice.

This morning, I spent some time looking at photos of the events that unfolded that day. The flood of emotions came back. I remembered sitting in my high school biology class, labeling pictures of cells. The principal came on the intercom system and explained that two planes had struck the World Trade Center towers and another had struck the Pentagon. My classmates and I thought we were in the midst of some sort of hypothetical situation… a drill of sorts. I had classmates with family members working in the Pentagon. Surely, this couldn’t be possible. Then, my teacher flipped on the television and we saw the grave reality of what was happening.

Complete silence.

We watched in horror. We were watching as the buildings in New York came crumbling down. We saw the panicked faces of our fellow Americans.

I feel like everyone has a memory of that day… we all have a story. This morning, I spent my time reading the stories of survivors. I read stories of those who had lost love ones. I read stories about those who had lost their lives. I took a few minutes to get to know some of the people who were taken from the world on 9/11… and the days that followed.

If you are like me and feel like you didn’t (for whatever reason) take the time to remember and reflect yesterday, I encourage you to find some time today… or in the coming days… to take some time to read a few stories about the people… REAL PEOPLE… who were directly impacted by this event. This isn’t just a story you read… this is something that happened in real life… actual humans were affected. Don’t forget that behind all the numbers, there are faces.

Also keep in mind… there are REAL people fighting to keep us safe right now. Perhaps you should take some time to read about them, too. (Wouldn’t you rather read about our heroes than what some celebrity did last night? I sure hope so.)

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