DIY Fine Motor Sensory Play – Without Spending a Dime!


I’m not about to drop $20 on a toy to help teach my kid fine motor skills… and you shouldn’t either. Grab some small toys (like Legos, the tops of those baby food squeeze pouches) and a container with a hole in the lid (empty wipes containers, coffee canisters with a hole cut in the top, etc). Demonstrate how to drop the objects in, and then let your kiddo do it!

Munchie’s new favorite game? Clean up the Legos! We build crazy objects… and he rips them apart and shoves the pieces into the container(s) in front of him. It is freaking awesome, he loves it, and he is learning to clean up in a super fun way! (Oh, and also developing his fine motor skills… but Momma Bish is more excited that he is cleaning.)

Other objects you can drop in? Cotton balls, ping pong balls, pom poms, clothes pins, bottle caps, etc.

Other containers you can use? Literally anything with an opening large enough for the objects to fit through. Empty pasta sauce jar, bowl, wide mouthed bottle, etc.

Just look through your recycling bin and you are sure to find something to use! Remember… kids have more fun playing with trash than most things you will spend a pretty penny on. So… why waste your pennies?

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