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BIG shout out to Ballenger Creek Chiropractic for having the most kid friendly waiting room I have ever stepped foot in (including our pediatrician’s office). With bright colors and plenty of books and toys, the kids can play quietly until it’s time to go home. The play area is clean, organized, and inviting. Oh, and they even have apples at the front desk… which are like icing on the cake (because they are a babysitter in and of themselves)!

I encourage other businesses to take note of this awesome feature and consider the following…

By law, parents are not allowed to abandon their children in order to come to your establishment. Finding a babysitter only adds to the financial obligation of our visit, not to mention the additional time that needs to be invested waiting for the sitter, or shuttling kids to and from the caretaker’s home. Simply put, there is a good chance we are just going to bring our kids with us.

The happier my kid(s) (please note, I still only have one, but sometimes haul around a second… so no need to Facebook stalk me and try to figure out when I had a second kid… because I didn’t) are in your place of business, the more likely I am to return. I want to feel welcome to bring my kid(s) with me if I need to. I’m pretty sure other parents feel the same way.

People are going to argue that, as the parent, it is my responsibility to entertain my children… but let me assure you, parents can load their bags with favorite toys, books, and snacks… but the moment a child walks in your front door, they are going to want to explore. You don’t need to invest in a jungle gym, or anything elaborate. You don’t even need adorable little chairs, or a play mat. I’m just asking for some children’s books in the lobby.

So, cheers to Ballenger Creek Chiropractic for being such an awesome example of a kid friendly business. Thanks for offering the kids a great space to play while Mommy gets “cracked”… and for baskets of delicious apples!

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