Now That I Can Walk… It’s Time To Drive (You Crazy)


Watch out world! Munchie is officially WALKING!

For months and months, people have looked at me like I’m a psychopath when I would say that I couldn’t wait for Munchie to start walking. They would say things like, “Oh, you don’t want him to walk yet… he will be into everything!” and “Once he walks, you won’t ever get a chance to sit down again!”

Um… okay? First of all… he crawls like a freaking speed demon. Like, seriously… let’s have our babies race. Second, he already stands up, reaches around, and smashes everything he can find, pulls everything out of any cabinet, drawer, shelf that he can reach, etc. Just exactly how will my child’s ability to walk make this worse for me?

And finally… my kid just turned one and weighs a very solid 30 lbs (give or take a pound for giant poos). How much did your kid weigh when they were his age? Any “extra” work I have to do must be far easier than lugging him around in my arms.

Needless to day, despite all the crazy people telling me that walking was full of trouble… I wanted… no, wait… I NEEDED Munchie to walk (or at least my back did).

That brings us to July 11, the day our Munchie Moo took off. He had taken a few steps here and there, but (of course, while Daddy was at the office) he stood up with a giant stuffed Mickey Mouse and just started walking! I was on the couch, trying not to express any shred of excitement, while slowly reaching for my phone. (We all know if a child senses your excitement or sees your grab the camera, they will most certainly turn into a blob of jelly and refuse to ever complete -insert task here- again.) I stealthily hit record and caught a few solid seconds of walking. YIPPIE!

Since that moment, he has not stopped cruising around… unless, of course, we ask him to show someone how he can walk around. (Oh, you want me to perform? No gracias. But, look how awesome I am at crawling around!)

Is a walking baby more stressful than a crawling baby? In our house, there isn’t much of a difference… but when we go somewhere… sitting in a stroller, shopping cart, etc becomes a battle. All this kid wants to do is walk around… but not with shoes on. Oh, no sir/ma’am.

The fact that shoes seem to be his kryptonite may be related to the fact that his shoes are too big. (Grandmas gasp and immediately pick up their phones to call me and offer to buy shoes that fit… well, put your phones down and let me explain.) His shoes are too long… but they fit his chunky little feet height and width wise. Shoes that fit in length, flip flops included, don’t go around his foot. So, our choices become… shoes that are too big… or no shoes at all.

Personally, I hate shoes and have no issue with Munchie walking around barefoot… but shoes do seem to serve a purpose… oh, yes… shoes are a fabulous way to slow Munchie down. (HUZZAH!)

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