I’m Great, You’re Great, It’s All Great at Juice Plate


Yesterday, Munchie and I headed downtown to ReStore… in search of new door knobs. (Fun fact, it’s cheaper to buy new door knobs than childproof the current door handles in our home… which are super easy to open… not to mention all of the reviews for the required childproofing mechanisms came with horror stories of moms being locked in bathrooms for countless hours while their child ran around unsupervised, covering the entire house in Hershey’s syrup, peanut butter, and Crisco. No gracias!)

After finally tracking down three identical doorknobs, and then spending another 45 minutes browsing all of their other incredible treasures (if you need random crap for your house, Pinterest projects, etc… check ReStore), we headed out the door. Across the street, my eyes (and rumbling tummy) were met by an intriguing new (but apparently, only to me) establishment… Juice Plate.

I stood on the sidewalk, trying to make sense of the name. Juice Plate? What do they serve? Juice? Food? Does my juice come on a plate? Will I be expected to lap it up? I needed to know more. As we walked through the doors, I noticed it was clean, the staff was friendly, and the menu had everything from “wheat grass to bacon.”

Juices, smoothies, wraps, salads, muffins, cookies (including chocolate chip bacon), and more lined the bright and colorful menu boards. I was entranced by the selection, when I heard a woman to my left exclaim, “He is so cute, I just want to pinch his cheeks!” Some moms would be all like, thanks lady… and give a half crooked smile… but I wheeled Munchie’s stroller over and said, “Go for it!”

This is where I need to interject. Moms… don’t assume everyone in the world is a creeper. Some people just love babies (umm… everyone in my family) and sometimes these people just need a baby fix. Make someone’s day and let them play with your freaking kid! Lord knows, you need a break anyway!

He hopped out of his stroller and onto her lap. She dawned an apron, indicating she worked here. She was friendly and quickly suggested a smoothie he might like. (Super considerate about his diet, allergies, etc.) We got to chatting (babies are great icebreakers) and I learned that she (Pattee) owned the joint!

Nothing amazes me more than the incredible people you can meet if you just engage in conversation. Not only does she own Juice Plate, but the Frederick Gorilla (which I love… because they have real articles about real people… people I actually know in real life… which is amazing) is her magazine!

Pattee was super delightful and expressed her love for our town. She showed a genuine interest in getting to know us better, which is always exciting, and told us we must return 1-2 times per week so they can see Munchie. (Even after he chucked his freaking smoothie all over the floor… which they generously remade. Next time, I’m bringing him a sippy cup. #embarrassing)

Long story short, you need to try Juice Plate (which has apparently been open since September… but I was living in my own little world and never got much further downtown than the library… which is a lie… we have eaten quite a few pretzels at Pretzel & Pizza Creations… but still… we haven’t ventured this far… but now we will… 1-2 times per week. Don’t tell Daddy.)


I got the “Incredible Hug,” a fabulous green smoothie… and you can’t even taste the kale. Talk about knock you on your tush amazing!

Munchie got a custom smoothie… strawberry, banana, orange… it was rockin’ and he LOVED it!


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