Mom, I Need a Moment… This Ice Cream is Heavenly.


The warmth of Summer is in the air (because in Maryland, we got about two weeks of Spring this year), which can only mean one thing. It’s time for ice cream. Now, while some people will hob-flob around their ice cream choices… I crave a very specific “start of Summer” treat. Chocolate and vanilla swirl (soft serve) in a cone, with chocolate sprinkles. (Because that is, hands down, the best combination and form of noms to my face hole… ever.)

This is where I’m also going to give a shout out to my childhood Summer ice cream destination, Freez King, may the royal frozen palace rest in peace (after serving as a local staple in our community for what can only be assumed as freaking centuries… I’m pretty sure the Pilgrims ventured north for days to enjoy such a treat). Everyone who grew up in Frederick, or lived in Frederick, or visited Frederick and indulged in the delightful frozen masterpieces they served at Freez King just died a little inside… and possibly started bawling uncontrollably… because the reality of the situation is almost too much to process.

Fortunately, while driving through our beautiful downtown district, I noticed a sign outside of Frederick Fudge and Ice Cream that stated they now have a soft serve machine! (Am I spelling that right? Maybe¬†it’s soft-serv? Don’t care… it’s delicious.) I immediately, without a note of hesitation, swooped into the parking lot (one of the only free parking areas in all of downtown… huzzah!), flopped the stroller out of the car, tossed Munchie in, buckled him up in record time… and made our way into the frozen haven. I was happy to see the place quite busy… but less happy to wait for my frozen treat. (Though I think the wait really builds your anticipation levels, making your ice cream that much more delicious.)

We place our order, hand the mystical cone preparing princess our cash, and gleefully bounce out the door. We select a picnic table, I plop down, and we begin to partake. I really wanted to get a picture of Munchie with the first cone of Summer, perfectly covered in chocolate bits of goodness… but he was distracted by some teenage girls sitting near us. (Potential babysitters? Honestly, that’s how I view every teenager now. Boy? Girl? Don’t care… you seem responsible… wanna watch my kid? I will pay you in ice cream.)

My beloved chocolate sprinkles were starting to drip everywhere. I quickly licked them off half the cone. I then reached my arm out, to offer Munchie a bite of sprinkle covered Summery goodness… and do you know what he did? He GRABBED the ice cream… not the cone… sending precious sprinkles tumbling down. I gave him a quick lick and retracted the treat. I’m not proud of what happened next… but I quickly ate the rest of the sprinkles… like an anteater slurping down tiny delicious specks. It wasn’t pretty… and like I said… I’m not proud.

We shared the rest of the treat. For some reason, I assumed Munchie would know to lick the ice cream… but that didn’t happen (no shiznit Sherlock). His is method of consumption was more of a vacuum-like action… shoving his face into the cold treat and sucking in a bite, kind of like a fish. At first, he found the cold a bit startling… but before long, he was¬†sharing ice cream with me like a champ.

My (fat American) goal is for him to be able to hold and consume his own cone by Summer’s end. So much for passing frozen Go-gurt off as ice cream for the rest of his life.

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