Pregnancy Flashback: Breakdancing Baby

Breakdancing Baby

While sorting through some old files, I stumbled upon this gem. A friend was having some Mommas-To-Be over and they were going to create birth art. (Here, let me Google that for you.) Most of the birth art that I had seen were beautiful forms of artistic expression. Since I wasn’t feeling very beautiful or artistic, I opted to sit this event out. The friend still encouraged me to create some sort of birth art of my own… and so, I did. After a grueling 18 hours of spins, whirls, turns, and flips, my mini ninja (and breakdancing expert) was driving me mad. So, I flipped on the computer and created a stick figure representation of what I was certain had been taking place inside my body.

This simple expression allowed me to channel the pain and frustration I was feeling. I remember gritting my teeth during parts of the project, constantly having to reposition myself in the chair I was sitting in, and the continuous though that was pulsing through my mind, “GET THIS BABY OUT OF ME!”

While, in the moment, I didn’t think the piece of birth art was a big deal, I now look back fondly. I would encourage all Mommys-To-Be to create some form of birth art that will serve as a reminder of their pregnancy. The good times, the bad times, the times we will never quite experience with this tiny human again.

I have to laugh, because those crazy movement he made while wiggling around inside of me… once he popped out, I could identify his motions and say… “OH!!! That’s what he was going in there!” What I find amusing is that over a year after I made this, he is 11 months old, and still flopping around like he was in this picture… only difference now is that instead of kicking me in the ribs, I get kicked in the face while I’m trying to sleep.

I’m pretty sure he will never really stop flailing.

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