The Lowdown on Baby Gates


We have quite the stockpile of hand me down baby gates in the basement… and now that Munchie is on the move… we are pulling them out. So far, we have pulled out the “chicken wire” gates. They are super simple to operate… but have one MAJOR downfall. Curious monkey children like to climb… and these bad boys just scream, “CLIMB ME!”

Having just learned to pull himself up, and unable to walk, we thought we were safe… but when I caught Munchie about six inches off the ground, I learned that we have a climber on our hands. Eight months and scaling baby gates? Yep… that’s my kid. (I blame my husband and the “curious” karma that follows him from his childhood.)

Thankfully, we have additional baby gates of the “vertical prison bar” variety. I feel those will be a little more difficult (but certainly not impossible) for my little guy to defeat. If, for some reason, he masters scrambling over the vertical bars, we are in trouble. Maybe we just need to use multiple baby gates, stacked to the ceiling… or perhaps I should start looking into force fields.

Please note… while I am terrified by Munchie’s climbing ability… my climbing friends are going to be thrilled. Looks like we will be heading to Earth Treks a little sooner than originally anticipated!

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