Pink Valentine Ooblek Bath


Ooblek… is it a solid or a liquid? BOTH! For those of you completely confused by the concept of such a scientific anomoly… just think back to your preschool days. Water + cornstarch (+ food coloring, in this case) = Ooblek! You may have called it slime, or gak… it has many names… but in this house… we go with ooblek.

I mixed up a thick batch, plopped Munchie in the tub, and started playing. He had a blast and laughed hysterically as the goo went from a liquid to a solid. Eventually, I added a bit more water to the mixture. We splashed, splatted, and dripped our ooblek all over the place. Before long, Munchie was covered.

Fortunately, we were already in the tub… so clean up was a breeze! Sensory play can be very messy… but instead of depriving Munchie of messy playtime, I simply manage the mess. Our bathwater was an opaque pink… perfect for Valentine’s day. Munchie had a blast chasing his bath toys around, splashing in his festive water, and just having fun.

Hopefully, this will be the first step toward many future scientific discoveries.

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