Movin’ on Up… to the Sippy Cup


Holy mother of juice boxes! As if moving into the wild world of sippy cups wasn’t enough of an emotional challenge for this Momma… now I have to make some sort of decision about which sippy cups Munchie will use for the rest of his life?!?! While some may not see purchasing sippy cups as a life long decision… once they learn about the financial investment I am about to make of these hydration vessels… they will surely understand. Heaven help you if you choose more than one variety, as you will surely NEVER be able to locate the correct cups, lids, valves, straws, and potentially even handles that fit together to complete the piece of art knows as a modern day sippy cup.

The numerous options available in the way of sippy cups absolutely stomp any consumer decision we have made in the way of diaper, bottle, and binkie options COMBINED. When I was a kid, I only remember the simple Tupperware sippy cup model. Everywhere you went… that’s what you got. At home? Tupperware. Visiting family? Tupperware. Sleepover at a friend’s house? Tupperware. Hands down, Tupperware was a force to be reckoned with in the way of sippy cups.

So, now I find myself overwhelmed with options. We have tried seven varieties… so far. Unfortunately, while I don’t believe in nipple confusion, I do believe in sippy cup mouthpiece confusion. Poor Munchie has to adjust to each and every cup, trying to figure out how to get liquid out. He is best with the straw… but I can’t handle the amount of backwash. Some of the cups don’t have a valve… which means he just flips it upside down, shakes it, and makes it rain. (As in the form of precipitation… not the urban definition of money falling from the sky… if that were the case… I would buy all of the “make it rain” cups.) Other cups require the user to bite the mouthpiece while drinking. These cause sopping wet clothes… because my teething baby just chews on them, leading to a waterfall descending from his gummy mouth.

Finally, we have the cups with a hard mouthpiece and valve. They require quite a bit of suction from the user, but decrease backwash and make waterfalls and producing rain quite difficult. The concern is that kids will screw up their tiny little teeth… a risk I might be willing to take. The new generation of these cups also have a lid lock feature, to keep tiny hands from unscrewing the lids and creating a swimming pool on your floor. The only flaw with the new “lock” design is that when the cup is hurled from a highchair, the lid shifts and leaks… and Munchie has quite an arm.

Obviously, I am favoring the most recently discussed model… though there is one drawback we haven’t discussed. They are made by Playtex… as in… the tampon people… and I’m just not sure I can get the brand connotation out of my brain.

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