Why I Hate Sophie the Giraffe


I have had enough! Last night, was the last mother loving straw. After desperate attempts to get Munchie to sleep (I have said it once and I will say it again… teething is a cold-hearted bitch) we had a pile of baby chew toys on the bed. Among them was Sophie… a $25 chew toy made of “all natural rubber and food paint” designed to “awaken baby’s senses.” Well, apparently she awakened Daddy’s senses in the middle of the night… when he rolled over on her. It is believed he chucked Sophie off the bed and across the room… where I proceeded to step on her and awaken EVERYONE as she squeaked and woke everyone up.

Did I mention Munchie doesn’t like chewing on Sophie? He has finally started to stare at her “stimulating” design… but isn’t a fan of “natural rubber” on his gums. Nope… my child would rather chew on a sock than Sophie. But, you know who does like to chew on Sophie? THE DOG. She is essentially a glorified dog toy. Think about it… rubber… and a squeaker?!?! In my defense, when I shoveled out way too much money for this thing… I did not know she squeaked.

I hate Sophie. She is cute… but that’s about it. If you are considering purchasing Sophie… I suggest you think long and hard about your decision. I only bought Sophie because of peer pressure… it’s what all the cool moms were doing. I guess high school is too far in my rear view mirror to have remembered the effective line… “Just say no.”

Munchie Review: One Chomp… but only because she is cute. Personal suggestion… if you want a chew toy that squeaks… head to your local pet store.


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