One Doctor. Two Acts of Kindness. Forever Grateful.


Sometimes the smallest gestures of kindness can have a profound impact. A smile, to brighten someone’s day. Distracting a fussy child in line at the store, so Mommy can take a quick break, while she unloads the shopping cart. It’s the little things we do… sometimes so simple… that can make a world of difference to someone else. Before rolling out the typical Thanksgiving list of things I am thankful for (family, friends, food) I need to take a moment to publicly thank one doctor who did so much more than deliver a baby.

It started last year, on Christmas Eve. We had a routine OB appointment scheduled. Because of Dad’s traumatic brain injury, he hadn’t really been able to SEE the ultrasound pictures of Alex, so we invited him along to hear the hear the baby’s heartbeat. Awesome Christmas present… right? I remember picking Dad up, filled with excitement. On the way, we talked about the baby… how much Dad was looking forward to sniffing the new baby smell right off of him… tickle his little toes.

When we arrived for our appointment, the nurse explained that our midwife was at the hospital delivering a baby and that we would have to reschedule our appointment. As I approached the desk to reschedule, tears started streaming down my face. The receptionist pulled me to the side, handed me a tissue, and asked if I was alright. I explained the situation. She told me to hold tight for a minute, as she ran off. She came back with a huge smile and said Dr Martin was willing to squeeze us in. I absolutely know the man gave up his lunch break to see us. Completely selfless.¬†On Christmas Eve, Dad got to hear Munchie’s heartbeat.

Just twelve days before Munchie joined us earthside, and 20 days before my sister’s wedding… Dad very suddenly and unexpectedly passed away. I am beyond comforted to know that Dad heard his grandson’s heartbeat.

Since the day we learned our due date, we knew we were cutting it close to attend my sister’s wedding. Now, our attendance was not an option. Our induction was scheduled… but still pending. While making arrangements for Dad’s service, we received a call that our induction had not been approved. While still on the phone, I lost it. The woman kindly explained that there was nothing she could do. Through sobs, I explained what was happening. Our call ended with another apology and me… on the floor in tears. About an hour later, the phone rang again. “Mrs Bish, Dr Martin has agreed to induce you on Thursday.” I had already been told my office didn’t induce on Thursdays… that was c-section day. Once again, Dr Martin was going out of his way to help us.

On the day of induction, I told Dr Martin that we needed things to move quickly. This baby had a very special wedding to attend. Long story short… we had a baby… and we all made it to the wedding. I am so happy we were able to support my baby sister on her wedding day. If someone started to get a little sad, we just handed them Munchie. Actually, Munchie has been a great help throughout this whole grieving process.

Doctor Martin, thank you for bringing us Munchie… and so much more. You are most definitely on my list of blessings this year.

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