Confession: We are Hoarders. Snuggle Hoarders.


Snuggles! Free snuggles! Come and get ’em while you can… before he starts running around… all embarrassed and too old for this stuff. According to my calculations, statistics, and schematics… kids grow up… and don’t let you sneak as many snuggles as you can steal when they are tiny (and can’t fight back). Therefore, we should hoard all of the snuggle time we can, while we can get it.

I am stockpiling these memories away in a special place… a place I may need to access quickly in a couple years when Munchie pulls a Sharpie on the dog… throws a baseball through the front window… or (once again) causes an electrical short with his urine stream. Yes, these warm and fuzzy memories will come in quite handy… I’m sure of it. (Especially if Munchie ends up as curious and adventurous as Daddy was as a child.)

Some kids are just destined to be snuggle bugs… and I hope that is true of Munchie. I do love snuggling with him. I wonder if you teach kids to be snuggle bugs, or if that is pre-programmed? If the earlier is true… I wonder how to groom this trait. Will too much snuggling as an infant turn him against the snuggles later in life? What if there is a snuggle limit that can be exceeded? Can you use up all of the snuggles too early? (Uh oh… someone had coffee and is falling into a rabbit hole. Find rope. Climb out of hole. Shew. Back on the surface.)

Inevitably, one day Munchie will turn into a toddler… then a real boy… then a teenager… then an adult. At some point, I am sure he will break my heart… not wanting a hug in front of his friends… not wanting a kiss goodbye… but that’s what the snuggle stockpile is for. I’m not hoarding snuggles in travel size… I’m hoarding them in Costco quantities… like Costco before a snowstorm… so many snuggles. By the time he reaches that age, I will have a bunker full of snuggle memories to pull from.

Snuggles are like a drug. You just can’t get enough… and the more you get, the more you want. I enjoy snuggle time. I hope Munchie is a snuggle bug forever. But just in case he is not… I will hoard all of the snuggles I can right now. Oh Munchie!!!! Mommy is coming to snuggle!!!

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