Obviously, I’m going to be one of my own favorite things! You really never know what you are going to find over in my Etsy shop… probably lots of awesome printables… and maybe one day, even a book. Head on over and take a look. Treat-Yo-Self to something snazzy, buy something for a friend, or just purchase a printable so I can purchase some diapers for Mr. Munchie. Have an idea for something I could create and sell? Fabulous! Send it my way… but if I make it… you better buy it!

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Crab and Link

We LOVE Crafty Crabtree! Reba, a fabulous stay at home mom, sews her tushie off to bring you amazingly soft and cuddly goods. From plush toys to quilts and anything else her creative mind comes up with… you can have it in your home! Munchie just loves his flannel CC quilt. Honestly, I think that’s my favorite characteristic of these well made products. She uses the softest fabrics… and incorporates flannel (the classy kind, not the redneck kind… but if  you want the redneck kind, I’m sure she would happily sew some together for you) instead of boring cotton. Snap… I could snuggle up with her flannel wine totes and be quite the happy camper. (Note to self… buy wine… drink wine… snuggle with tote.) Quality goods, from a quality gal!

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Career Boost Express has, in my opinion (which is always correct), some seriously awesome resume templates. They are quick to download, super snazzy, and incredibly simple to use. Maybe your resume needs something more than a new look… perhaps you need a complete rewrite to give things a bit more personality? Jessica, the fabulous momma who owns the biz, will personally write your resume. She has a true knack for putting people on paper… and you WILL be impressed!


Dunaway Crafts

Did you get a chance to check out the awesome turkey hat Munchie wore for his first Thanksgiving? It was crocheted JUST FOR HIM by Dunaway Crafts. I sent them a message and asked if they might be able to fashion such a creation… and without a pattern (this woman is freaking fabulous) Miss Claudia just whipped one up! If you see something you love, buy it… and if you have an awesome idea, just request it! Whatever you do… be sure you show Dunaway Crafts some love… because they made my crazy wild dreams come true.