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Adventures of Earl… Tooth Numero Seis

You would think that after your kid gets their first tooth, you would stop getting so damn excited. I mean, most baby books only have a spot for you to fill in a date for the first tooth. Fortunately, I’m… Continue Reading →

WE GOT OUR FIRST TOOTH! And His Name is Charlie.

Over the last (almost) eight months, I have grown accustom to having my fingers gummed on by the Munchinator. Yesterday, when we picked up our little man from an overnight adventure at Bubby and Grandpa’s farm… something else happened. HE… Continue Reading →

Scientific Fact: Babies are Washable

Did you know babies are washable? Hand wash only. Blot dry. Do not iron. The other day, we were at my mom’s house. Munchie was chewing on everything in site. Gram very excitedly jumped up, ran to the pantry, and… Continue Reading →

Why I Hate Sophie the Giraffe

  I have had enough! Last night, was the last mother loving straw. After desperate attempts to get Munchie to sleep (I have said it once and I will say it again… teething is a cold-hearted bitch) we had a… Continue Reading →

Teething… She’s a Cold-Hearted Witch

That big gummy face is staring at you, red, streaming with tears… and it’s all because of the hellish pain that is being unleashed in that tiny little mouth. Sharp little daggers are slowly pushing their way toward the surface,… Continue Reading →

Homemade Gripe Water… Because I’m Not Paying $10 a Bottle

Gripe water is the bee’s knees. If you have a baby and don’t know what it is, or haven’t discovered it’s magical powers… you need to crawl out of your cave and discover the amazingness that awaits you. This stuff… Continue Reading →

Survived Our First Play Date

One month on the outside and already dating. That’s how we roll in this house! Patrick was quite perplexed when I told him Alex and I were going to a play date. “Babies can’t even play. They just sit there.” … Continue reading

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