The Misadventures of Momma Bish and Munchie

The twists, turns, and true tales of a mom and her pint sized human



Playground Burn

Yesterday, Munchie and I were at the playground climbing around on one of the structures. We were close to the top when I hooked my knees over a bar and flipped upside down. “Woah, Mom! I didn’t know you could… Continue Reading →

Playing Games… and Testing Boundaries

Coming from a family of sarcastic tricksters, we weren’t shocked when Munchie started psyching us out (though I do admit, I wasn’t expecting this from him at such a young age).  From the time he was just a few months… Continue Reading →

Driving (Mommy) Up the Wall – Vertical Learning

The kids are always driving their cars around on the walls, so I figured a little ingenuity would surely make this a more educational (and fun) activity. Since I started putting our new playroom together, I have been trying to… Continue Reading →

Teach Them to Smell the Flowers – Avoiding Nature Deficit Disorder

After spending a day out at the McCoy Family Home (that’s what we call my mom’s house… because though we are grown, a piece of our heart will always remain in the home we built together… the structure is but a house…… Continue Reading →

Class Reunions – A Chance to Meet the Next Generation

It blows my mind that I graduated from high school ten years ago. (Some people are like… she is so young… others are like… she is so old!) But, seriously… ten years? In school, it seemed like the days and… Continue Reading →

Good Lookin’ Baby? Heck Yes I Am!

Morning Routine: Wake up… laugh at Mom while she cleans my stinky butt… lay on the floor… smile at the good lookin’ baby in the mirror. If everyone stared at themselves in the mirror, as much as babies, we would… Continue Reading →

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