The Misadventures of Momma Bish and Munchie

The twists, turns, and true tales of a mom and her pint sized human



Playing Games… and Testing Boundaries

Coming from a family of sarcastic tricksters, we weren’t shocked when Munchie started psyching us out (though I do admit, I wasn’t expecting this from him at such a young age).  From the time he was just a few months… Continue Reading →

Macaroni Art is NOT For Breakfast

Very little surprises me anymore. Since I stepped foot on the crazy train, I have learned to expect the unexpected. But… it does seem like just when you think you have seen it all… your kid finds some new and crazy way… Continue Reading →

Calling All Baby Bumps (and Former Bump Club Members)

Hey MD/DC Metro Mommas – Looking for something awesome to do this weekend? Join me on Sunday, October 12th for Due Date, All Things Baby, at Port Discovery in Baltimore! I’m attending as one of their VIP Mommy Bloggers (whoop… Continue Reading →

Driving (Mommy) Up the Wall – Vertical Learning

The kids are always driving their cars around on the walls, so I figured a little ingenuity would surely make this a more educational (and fun) activity. Since I started putting our new playroom together, I have been trying to… Continue Reading →

Totally Amazing Plan… Foiled By Reality, Responsibility, and Adulthood

After an exhausting weekend apart, Patrick and I flopped down on the couch together and rented The Neighbors (which is FINALLY available for RENTAL on Amazon Prime… thank you very much). This is where I must insert a serious disclaimer…… Continue Reading →

Reason #147 Mommy Can’t Pee Alone

One of the most impossible tasks to complete with a toddler is USING THE RESTROOM! I’m not even talking about public bathrooms. I’m talking about trying to pee in my own freaking house. When Mommy needs to take a tinkle,… Continue Reading →

We LOVE Monday Mornings (Really… I’m Serious!)

Most people dread Monday mornings… but not us! In fact, we LOVE Monday mornings! (Okay, that’s a lie… we love every OTHER Monday morning.) I don’t know what happens in your world on Monday morning, but we keep our eyes… Continue Reading →

Impromptu Field Trip… TO THE TOY STORE!

After a week full of being awesome (I mean, I made freaking file folder games), I was a bit out of ideas (and energy) this morning. The kids, on the other hand, were ready to go. After about fifteen minutes of them bouncing… Continue Reading →

Make Your Own AWESOME File Folder Games!

You will find them in just about every early education classroom in the country… because they are GENIUS! I’m talking about file folder games. I whipped up three of these during nap time this morning… so they don’t take long…… Continue Reading →

There Were Three In the Bed and Momma Bish Said… ROLL OVER!

Daddy Bish and I have decided that we need a bigger bed. We have already established that co-sleeping means no sleeping… but when you add a furry critter to the mix (that would be the dog), finding a place to… Continue Reading →

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