The Misadventures of Momma Bish and Munchie

The twists, turns, and true tales of a mom and her pint sized human


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Too Heavy to Carry… Too Floppy to Ride

First, a rant about shopping carts. How is it that I always get the shopping cart that pulls to one side or the other? The shopping cart that, if pushed, would just roll in a circle? An incredibly squeaky wheel?… Continue Reading →

Excuse Me… Is That My Rice?

Munchie loves hibachi. Aunt Lizzie and Momma Bish went to Matsutake and took Munchie along for the ride. He was mesmerized by the show, taking notes on the chef’s ninja-like abilities. He loved the fire, the smoke, and the flying… Continue Reading →

Blustery Days = Complicated Clothing

As the blustery weather approaches, Munchie’s wardrobe continues to evolve. Thank goodness he was born in June, when we could get away with flopping him in a onesie and calling it good. We had a three snap rule. If the… Continue Reading →

Reunited at Last

I have Ulcerative Colitis. (Google it… I’ll wait.) It is extremely¬†unpleasant¬†.. but not uncommon. You don’t hear about stuff like this because… well… people don’t really walk around talking about their bottoms. Screw that. People shouldn’t be ashamed of their… Continue Reading →

Who Invented All This Tiny Baby Crap?

I will be the first to admit that taking care of a baby isn’t as easy as it looks. Everything is so freaking small… and while small things look cute in a closet or drawer, putting them to use can… Continue Reading →

Did You Seriously Just Wake Me Up?

No Munchie… I did not wake you up. Actually, you woke yourself up… and then got really mad at Mommy. How did you wake yourself up? Snoring. Munchie, I don’t know how to tell you this… but it seems you… Continue Reading →

Confession: I’m a Page Skipper

Munchie’s attention span is about the length of an elfin pinkie toe. Reading a book from cover to cover is a nearly impossible feat. Starting a book and not getting to the end crushes my soul… and often, I find… Continue Reading →

Chew On This

The list of foods Munchie has tried is rapidly growing. Before you jump down my throat (sweet pun), please be informed… sometimes I just let Munchie lick the foods to get an idea of taste and texture… he isn’t necessarily… Continue Reading →

Get. In. My. Belly

When Munchie is hungry, he informs the world. His cries would make a passing stranger wonder if the poor child has ever been fed. Every three hours, the wailing alarm sounds… without missing a beat. Then, from the time that… Continue Reading →

Naked and Afraid (Part Two)

So, we have already packed… successfully… and our feeding plans had been foiled. (If you need to catch up, check out the previous post.) Not only was the whole bottle situation a fiasco (that ended up being fixed by simply… Continue Reading →

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