The Misadventures of Momma Bish and Munchie

The twists, turns, and true tales of a mom and her pint sized human


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A Note to New Parents About Visitors

When Munchie was born, people came from far and wide to visit… both at the hospital and at our home. Like… to the point the nurses advised me to call security and have them hold all visitors so that I… Continue Reading →

Confession: I’m Not Perfect

I would like to clear something up. Even though my sporadic posts may look like I have my shit together… I seriously have no idea what I am doing. Please keep in mind that I am showing you very brief… Continue Reading →

Just Gimme That Milk. Moo Moo Moo Moo.

Even though we have graduated into the wonderful world of solids, I continue to be amazed at how absolutely soothing some nice warm milk can be. I don’t know if it’s the warmth, the milk, or the bottle that brings… Continue Reading →

Teething… She’s a Cold-Hearted Witch

That big gummy face is staring at you, red, streaming with tears… and it’s all because of the hellish pain that is being unleashed in that tiny little mouth. Sharp little daggers are slowly pushing their way toward the surface,… Continue Reading →

It’s Dinnertime. Let’s Get Naked.

We all know Munchie has been munching on things (unofficially, of course) for a while now… but we officially got the OKAY to introduce foods. Our plan was to skip the purees and go the baby led weaning route. I… Continue Reading →

Blustery Days = Complicated Clothing

As the blustery weather approaches, Munchie’s wardrobe continues to evolve. Thank goodness he was born in June, when we could get away with flopping him in a onesie and calling it good. We had a three snap rule. If the… Continue Reading →

Who Invented All This Tiny Baby Crap?

I will be the first to admit that taking care of a baby isn’t as easy as it looks. Everything is so freaking small… and while small things look cute in a closet or drawer, putting them to use can… Continue Reading →

Did You Seriously Just Wake Me Up?

No Munchie… I did not wake you up. Actually, you woke yourself up… and then got really mad at Mommy. How did you wake yourself up? Snoring. Munchie, I don’t know how to tell you this… but it seems you… Continue Reading →

Get. In. My. Belly

When Munchie is hungry, he informs the world. His cries would make a passing stranger wonder if the poor child has ever been fed. Every three hours, the wailing alarm sounds… without missing a beat. Then, from the time that… Continue Reading →

Naked and Afraid (Part Two)

So, we have already packed… successfully… and our feeding plans had been foiled. (If you need to catch up, check out the previous post.) Not only was the whole bottle situation a fiasco (that ended up being fixed by simply… Continue Reading →

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