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growing up

My Toddler Turned Into a Kid… and Here’s Why You Noticed

Yesterday, I posted a few pictures of Munchie to my personal social media accounts.┬áBefore long, I had a slew of comments on each photo to the tune of… OMG – HE GREW UP OVERNIGHT… and WHEN DID HE BECOME A… Continue Reading →

Spring Cleaning

Dirt vs Clutter. After ripping up the carpet and laying hardwood, I realize just how much dirt, dust, and dog hair had been accumulating into our carpet fibers, despite my best attempts to vacuum on a regular basis. Now that… Continue Reading →

Excuse Me. Did You Just Stand Up?

I’m standing in the kitchen, talking to my friend, and she stops mid-sentence… just staring at Munchie. “Um, he just pulled himself up on that table thing.” Yeah right. I had a feeling she propped him up on the table… Continue Reading →

Just Gimme That Milk. Moo Moo Moo Moo.

Even though we have graduated into the wonderful world of solids, I continue to be amazed at how absolutely soothing some nice warm milk can be. I don’t know if it’s the warmth, the milk, or the bottle that brings… Continue Reading →

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