The Misadventures of Momma Bish and Munchie

The twists, turns, and true tales of a mom and her pint sized human



Rent a Brother (or Sister)

I think children benefit from being around other children… not just in a social sense (though developing social skills is hella important… and yes, I just used the word hella), but also in a nurturing sense. Many children have the… Continue Reading →

Public Sandbox? Oh Yes I Did.

Yesterday afternoon, we met some friends at the park. It started off like any other park playdate… the boys were in the swings. The other mom and I were chatting about sunscreens that protect you from the sun, while leaching… Continue Reading →

Munchie Likes Matzos

Last night, we joined our friends for Passover Seder Dinner. We arrived early enough for Munchie and I to “sample” a few matzo balls. When they were gone, he pitched a fit. My friend looked at me and said, “Definitely… Continue Reading →

Moments that Melt Your Heart

From the moment I conceived, I began to experience emotions that I simply had not felt before. Perhaps all of the hormones that invaded my body… and continue to invade… because though I have NOT done scientific research (or even… Continue Reading →

Son of a Bish

This kid is a Lil Bish for sure. Munchie is spending his weekend out at the farm with Bubby and Grandpa Bish. Last night, I rolled up in the driveway and the lights were off in the house. Munchie was… Continue Reading →

Cutest Pumpkin in the Patch

I have so much to say… that I don’t even know where to begin. How about this… my child is freaking adorable. Just look at him… all decked out in his fall-ware… dawning a freaking pumpkin hat, with matching pumpkin… Continue Reading →

To Truly Live… Is To Truly Love.

Babies are not simple creatures… they are complex beings with the power to melt your soul. As we prepared for Munchie’s arrival, we did not know what the future had in store for us. We didn’t know that the Summer… Continue Reading →

Munchie’s Best Friend… Trickery

While I’m sure Munchie will have a mischievous streak at some point… that isn’t the Trickery I am referring to. Trickery is our dog. She is about two years old now… and our original baby. (The starter “child.”) Trickery is… Continue Reading →

Confession: You Joked About It… But I Ate It.

  My Facebook Friends will attest… throughout my pregnancy, I ate a LOT of things… but I venture to bet none of them would expect me to consume this. Heck, not even I thought I would eat this. But I … Continue reading

Survived Our First Play Date

One month on the outside and already dating. That’s how we roll in this house! Patrick was quite perplexed when I told him Alex and I were going to a play date. “Babies can’t even play. They just sit there.” … Continue reading

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