The Misadventures of Momma Bish and Munchie

The twists, turns, and true tales of a mom and her pint sized human



Adventures At The Patch – No Babies. No Barf. No Bandaids. Success!

Last year, I delivered a super sentimental post about our adorable first trip to the pumpkin patch. Everyone was like… awww.¬†Well, I am happy to report that this year’s trip, while tons of fun and with plenty of adorable, picture… Continue Reading →

White Girl Thinks Pumpkin Spice Has Gone Too Far!

As the kids hop aboard those big yellow buses, the temperature begins to drop, and we prepare to flip our calendars to the beloved October… I always look forward to one thing… Pumpkin Spice International Delight coffee creamer. (Even typing… Continue Reading →

Confession: Today My World Came Crashing Down… Literally.

Something horrible happened this morning. Something that could have been prevented if I had simply listened to my husband. This morning, I put Munchie down for his nap… only I didn’t put him in his crib. I snuggled with him… Continue Reading →

These Colors are Blowing My Mind!

I have officially decided that baby toys are nothing but a big ole waste of money. I can make my own by digging though the trash. I’m not suggesting you dump the contents of your trashcan on the kitchen floor… Continue Reading →

Cutest Pumpkin in the Patch

I have so much to say… that I don’t even know where to begin. How about this… my child is freaking adorable. Just look at him… all decked out in his fall-ware… dawning a freaking pumpkin hat, with matching pumpkin… Continue Reading →

Blustery Days = Complicated Clothing

As the blustery weather approaches, Munchie’s wardrobe continues to evolve. Thank goodness he was born in June, when we could get away with flopping him in a onesie and calling it good. We had a three snap rule. If the… Continue Reading →

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