The Misadventures of Momma Bish and Munchie

The twists, turns, and true tales of a mom and her pint sized human



There Were Three In the Bed and Momma Bish Said… ROLL OVER!

Daddy Bish and I have decided that we need a bigger bed. We have already established that co-sleeping means no sleeping… but when you add a furry critter to the mix (that would be the dog), finding a place to… Continue Reading →

The Unspoken Code of Mystical Holiday Creatures… and the Overachieving Parents that Screw With It

I seriously just scrolled through my Facebook newsfeed and counted SEVEN (yes, 7) children who got puppies for Easter. (And one adult… you know who you are.) WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING TO THE REST OF US??? Do you… Continue Reading →

Damn You Pinterest

As if we didn’t already feel like we couldn’t live up to the expectations of society, this freaking social media sweeps in and dangles genius ideas in front of us… ideas that would surely save us millions… if only we had the… Continue Reading →

Chasing Chickens

We celebrated our Veterans Day out at the Bish farm… with our very own veteran… Grandpa Bish. My husband grew up on a farm… but I did not. Yes, the good ‘ole farm boy married himself a “city slicker.” I… Continue Reading →

Someone Looks Guilty

  We have spent the last YEAR training Trickery (our dog) to leave Munchie’s things alone. It started with a stuffed owl and continued as mountains of baby crap filled our home. She has been absolutely AMAZING at leaving things… Continue Reading →

Munchie’s Best Friend… Trickery

While I’m sure Munchie will have a mischievous streak at some point… that isn’t the Trickery I am referring to. Trickery is our dog. She is about two years old now… and our original baby. (The starter “child.”) Trickery is… Continue Reading →

Puppy Brother – A Post From the Dog

^^^Check it out! We’re twins!!!^^^ Hello World. I am Trickery… the dog. I was the original baby in this family. All of the attention in this house was directed toward me. Last May, Mom and Dad got married. A few… Continue Reading →

Right in the Eye!

Intended shot? The dogs staring at Munchie. The captured image? Cullen’s giant tongue licking Munchie, right in the eye. (Well, really… licking his entire face.) This isn’t the first time that I have grabbed my camera to capture an adorable… Continue Reading →

I’ma Eat It!!!

  From the moment we brought the first baby item into our home, we set very clear boundaries with our dog, Trickery. “Leave it,” became a popular phrase around our house… but the training didn’t take very long. (She’s a… Continue Reading →

This Baby Makes a Nice Pillow

  My friends post pictures of their kids, all snuggled up with the big family dog. A baby laying on a Lab. A toddler using the family Golden Retriever as a warm and cozy pillow. Well… not in our house. … Continue reading

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