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Thriving in Honor of…

I’ve been reading a book, “The Whole Brained Child,” which examines brain development of children, the way our brains respond to stress, and how to turn navigate difficult situations by stimulating various parts of our brain. (It’s not as boring… Continue Reading →

The Grieving Family is NOT Your Therapist

In 2012, Joe Biden spoke to the families of soldiers about grief. He said, “There will come a day – I promise you, and your parents as well – when the thought of your son or daughter, or your husband or… Continue Reading →

I Almost Punched Her Through the Phone

This afternoon was filled with phone calls to airlines, hotels, and rental car companies. While I typically scour the internet to find amazing deals, our current situation warrants a phone calls to achieve circumstantial rates for our travel. “Thank you for… Continue Reading →

Mending the Wound: Accountability and Forgiveness

The last 365 days have been really f!@#$%&g hard. Grief, morning, pain, sorrow, tears, hoping, wishing, praying, disbelief, gut wrenching reality… ugh. I don’t believe these wounds we have will ever truly heal… but maybe they get a bit scabby… Continue Reading →

One Doctor. Two Acts of Kindness. Forever Grateful.

Sometimes the smallest gestures of kindness can have a profound impact. A smile, to brighten someone’s day. Distracting a fussy child in line at the store, so Mommy can take a quick break, while she unloads the shopping cart. It’s… Continue Reading →

Munchie Walks For a Cause

Yesterday, we got Munchie nice and bundled up and headed out to the local Out of the Darkness Community Walk, raising awareness about suicide and funding education and prevention efforts. Unfortunately, the topic of suicide hits all too close to home for… Continue Reading →

What I Need is Accountability… Not a Free Pass

People have been walking on eggshells around me, and I know it. People have been treating me differently, and it’s getting on my nerves. If you just met me, you might not have any idea why people are trying to … Continue reading

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