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Dinosaurs Don’t Fit in Strollers… and Other Things You Might Not Have Considered About Your Baby’s First Halloween.

Baby? Check. Adorable Costume? Check. Stroller? Check. No, this kid isn’t old enough for candy… but Mommy and Daddy are… and Mommy needed a good excuse to get out of the house! On Thursday, we were leaving playgroup and another Mom mentioned… Continue Reading →

Confession: My Baby Watches Television

That’s right ladies and gentlemen. My baby watches television… and he isn’t the “recommended” two years of age. (Yes, the medical community says you shouldn’t let your kids watch television before two years of age. Sadists.) As a result… we… Continue Reading →

Survived Our First Play Date

One month on the outside and already dating. That’s how we roll in this house! Patrick was quite perplexed when I told him Alex and I were going to a play date. “Babies can’t even play. They just sit there.” … Continue reading

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