You May (Not) Get a Christmas Card From Us

4 Years ago, we sent out Save the Dates. 3 Years ago, we mailed our Wedding Invitations. 2 Years ago, we sent Pregnancy Announcements. 1 Year ago, Munchie “drove” into mailboxes. This year… I’m sitting here freaking out about the fact that we have yet to take our Christmas card photo. I know exactly what […]

The Unspoken Code of Mystical Holiday Creatures… and the Overachieving Parents that Screw With It

I seriously just scrolled through my Facebook newsfeed and counted SEVEN (yes, 7) children who got puppies for Easter. (And one adult… you know who you are.) WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING TO THE REST OF US??? Do you understand that your kids are going to tell their friends… and those friends will stomp […]


I call it the “Christmas Jitters.” My sister would call it downright obnoxious. My parents made a rule, to prevent being disturbed by it. I thought a sleep deprived Mommy would have not time for it… but I DOOOOOO!!! Mildly, I would describe the Christmas Jitters as a butterfly feeling in my stomach… but it […]

Mommy, it’s Christmas. Why aren’t You Smiling?

Christmas is just three days away. Shopping is done, presents are wrapped (and we did an awesome job this year), baking is far behind us. This year I’m on top of things. I’m ready for my favorite holiday of the year… and seeing as this is Munchie’s very first Christmas… I should be nothing short […]

Holidays… You Can Dress Them Up… But They Still Call the Shots

I am starting to realize that life is cyclical. You experience holidays as a child and they blow your mind. Trick or Treating, waiting for Santa, trying to catch leprechauns, or catch a glimpse of that sneaky Easter Bunny (if you observe other holidays with creatures that lurk, insert them here)… holidays as a child […]
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