The Misadventures of Momma Bish and Munchie

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Holy Freaking Fudge Nun Fudge!!!

I freaking love camp. I grew up going to camp. I was a junior counselor at camp. I spent a couple years “crashing” camp (I didn’t work there, but I stopped in every night to eat dinner and spend the… Continue Reading →

Two in Tow

I’m so freaking awesome at being a mom that another child has been entrusted in my care! (And yes, these people¬†have read my blogs and know what they are getting themselves, and their child, into.)¬†She is a very intelligent two… Continue Reading →

Summer Camp: Mail and Care Packages

Kids are heading to camp… and they will be expecting mail. Here are some simple tips to ensure you don’t screw up. 1. No food means NO FOOD. Yes, I’m sure little Susie would love a bag of Skittles. But,… Continue Reading →

Happy Camper

Today, we headed out to my home away from home. Girl Scout Camp. What I learned? A camp filled with more than 70 female staff members guarantees you won’t have to worry about seeing your baby for a while! Mommy … Continue reading

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