Damn You Pinterest

As if we didn’t already feel like we couldn’t live up to the expectations of society, this freaking social media sweeps in and dangles genius ideas in front of us… ideas that would surely save us millions… if only we had the time. I’m talking about that “maybe one day I’ll need to remember this, so let […]

Pink Valentine Ooblek Bath

Ooblek… is it a solid or a liquid? BOTH! For those of you completely confused by the concept of such a scientific anomoly… just think back to your preschool days. Water + cornstarch (+ food coloring, in this case) = Ooblek! You may have called it slime, or gak… it has many names… but in […]

Confession: Today My World Came Crashing Down… Literally.

Something horrible happened this morning. Something that could have been prevented if I had simply listened to my husband. This morning, I put Munchie down for his nap… only I didn’t put him in his crib. I snuggled with him in our bed until he fell asleep. Once he was asleep, I created a barricade […]

Snow Way!

I rarely listen to meteorologists when they call for snow in our area. I don’t know if we just have horrible meteorologists in this area, if we live in an unpredictable region, or if mother nature has a vendetta against the weather people around here. My point is… they have been calling for snow and […]

One Doctor. Two Acts of Kindness. Forever Grateful.

Sometimes the smallest gestures of kindness can have a profound impact. A smile, to brighten someone’s day. Distracting a fussy child in line at the store, so Mommy can take a quick break, while she unloads the shopping cart. It’s the little things we do… sometimes so simple… that can make a world of difference […]

We’re Gonna Cook Up Tom the Turkey?

You bet your sweet binkie we are gonna cook up Tom the Turkey… and his friend Penny the Pig… because Thanksgiving is coming… and there is no better way to celebrate than with family, friends, and feeding our faces! (And apparently alliteration.) This morning, at church, we dipped out of service to change what can […]

Homemade Baby Food… This Bish Must Be Crazy

Similar to breastfeeding… if you don’t feed your baby homemade puree… they will surely die. (LIES.) In the words of a wise and wonderful home birth hippie, “To be a good mom, you just need to feed your baby out of love!” When I gave Munchie formula, I felt like a bad mom… until that […]
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