The Misadventures of Momma Bish and Munchie

The twists, turns, and true tales of a mom and her pint sized human



Scientific Fact: Babies are Washable

Did you know babies are washable? Hand wash only. Blot dry. Do not iron. The other day, we were at my mom’s house. Munchie was chewing on everything in site. Gram very excitedly jumped up, ran to the pantry, and… Continue Reading →

Not-So-Super Mom

Some days, you feel like Super Mom. You feel on top of the world, like you have everything under control and someone should Pinterest your life. Today was not that kind of day. Other days, you feel like you think… Continue Reading →

Why I Hate Sophie the Giraffe

¬† I have had enough! Last night, was the last mother loving straw. After desperate attempts to get Munchie to sleep (I have said it once and I will say it again… teething is a cold-hearted bitch) we had a… Continue Reading →

Snow Way!

I rarely listen to meteorologists when they call for snow in our area. I don’t know if we just have horrible meteorologists in this area, if we live in an unpredictable region, or if mother nature has a vendetta against… Continue Reading →

Shopping… Along for the Ride

Now that Munchie can sit up, he rides in the front of the shopping cart… most of the time. The only exception to this is if he is asleep when we get to the store. If he is sleeping, I… Continue Reading →

DIY Baby Leg Warmers

For those of you who may be out of the loop… baby leg warmers not only exist… but they are gaining quite a bit of popularity. While I don’t think they will ever be the fashion accessory they were in… Continue Reading →

No More Pictures!

If my child could talk, I’m sure he would be all like… “Knock it off Mom! Don’t you have enough pictures already?” Well, the answer is NO. No, I do not have enough pictures of your freaking adorable little face…. Continue Reading →

What the Fudge is that Smell? (Hint: It’s Not Fudge.)

The ¬†stench emanating from my child’s butt is offensive. I thought things were bad when we switched from breastmilk to formula. Then, I thought they couldn’t get much worse when we introduced fruits and vegetables. But now that meat has… Continue Reading →

Teething… She’s a Cold-Hearted Witch

That big gummy face is staring at you, red, streaming with tears… and it’s all because of the hellish pain that is being unleashed in that tiny little mouth. Sharp little daggers are slowly pushing their way toward the surface,… Continue Reading →

Confession: My Baby Watches Television

That’s right ladies and gentlemen. My baby watches television… and he isn’t the “recommended” two years of age. (Yes, the medical community says you shouldn’t let your kids watch television before two years of age. Sadists.) As a result… we… Continue Reading →

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