Alligator Adventure – The Highlight of Our Summer

So, here we are… we’ve traveled hours upon hours and finally arrived at our destination – Myrtle Beach, SC. We roll up to the house, where Gram, Aunt Lizzie, and Uncle Austen are excitedly awaiting our arrival. We are all super excited to share in Munchie’s first REAL beach vacation and can’t wait for a […]

Thank Goodness for Throwback (Thanksgiving) Thursday!

Hello, my name is Emily… and I’m the awful Mom Blogger who neglected to post anything last year about Munchie’s First Thanksgiving. It was adorable. It was delicious. His hat was better than your hat. Can we all just take a moment to be thankful for Dunaway Crafts? Last year, for Munchie’s First Thanksgiving, I sent them […]

Adventures At The Patch – No Babies. No Barf. No Bandaids. Success!

Last year, I delivered a super sentimental post about our adorable first trip to the pumpkin patch. Everyone was like… awww. Well, I am happy to report that this year’s trip, while tons of fun and with plenty of adorable, picture perfect moments, was equally filled with hysterical memories. We invited a whole pile of family […]

Calling All Baby Bumps (and Former Bump Club Members)

Hey MD/DC Metro Mommas – Looking for something awesome to do this weekend? Join me on Sunday, October 12th for Due Date, All Things Baby, at Port Discovery in Baltimore! I’m attending as one of their VIP Mommy Bloggers (whoop whoop… because I’m so famous and stuff) and I really really hope to see some […]

Kid Friendly Businesses

BIG shout out to Ballenger Creek Chiropractic for having the most kid friendly waiting room I have ever stepped foot in (including our pediatrician’s office). With bright colors and plenty of books and toys, the kids can play quietly until it’s time to go home. The play area is clean, organized, and inviting. Oh, and […]

I’m Great, You’re Great, It’s All Great at Juice Plate

Yesterday, Munchie and I headed downtown to ReStore… in search of new door knobs. (Fun fact, it’s cheaper to buy new door knobs than childproof the current door handles in our home… which are super easy to open… not to mention all of the reviews for the required childproofing mechanisms came with horror stories of […]

The Lowdown on Baby Gates

We have quite the stockpile of hand me down baby gates in the basement… and now that Munchie is on the move… we are pulling them out. So far, we have pulled out the “chicken wire” gates. They are super simple to operate… but have one MAJOR downfall. Curious monkey children like to climb… and […]

Movin’ on Up… to the Sippy Cup

Holy mother of juice boxes! As if moving into the wild world of sippy cups wasn’t enough of an emotional challenge for this Momma… now I have to make some sort of decision about which sippy cups Munchie will use for the rest of his life?!?! While some may not see purchasing sippy cups as […]

Why I Hate Sophie the Giraffe

  I have had enough! Last night, was the last mother loving straw. After desperate attempts to get Munchie to sleep (I have said it once and I will say it again… teething is a cold-hearted bitch) we had a pile of baby chew toys on the bed. Among them was Sophie… a $25 chew […]

Product Review: Silly Tails

Munchie officially has a favorite toy. It is this book called Silly Tails. We received it as a gift from a dear friend (Franma) and I know for a fact that it came from our favorite toy store… The Dancing Bear. The pages are cloth, but stuffed with a material that crinkles/crunches. Each page has […]
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