Halloween is a Little Sweeter… The Second Time Around

As I sit here, indulging in (a few bites of) the candy I have siphoned out of Munchie’s pumpkin pail of loot from last night’s Trick-or-Treating adventures (okay, fine… it’s been more than a couple bites… but it was cold, so I upped the candy tax for this year), I can’t help but reminisce about the […]

I Have ONE Child… and That’s OKAY.

Many couples will nod in agreement… from the moment you say, “I do,” everyone starts pestering you about when you are going to have a baby. Perhaps you don’t want kids at all, maybe you want to wait, you might be like us – with a plan to start trying right away, or maybe you […]

Calling All Baby Bumps (and Former Bump Club Members)

Hey MD/DC Metro Mommas – Looking for something awesome to do this weekend? Join me on Sunday, October 12th for Due Date, All Things Baby, at Port Discovery in Baltimore! I’m attending as one of their VIP Mommy Bloggers (whoop whoop… because I’m so famous and stuff) and I really really hope to see some […]

A Note to New Parents About Visitors

When Munchie was born, people came from far and wide to visit… both at the hospital and at our home. Like… to the point the nurses advised me to call security and have them hold all visitors so that I could take a nap. I will admit, I was incredibly tired… but I was so […]

Pregnancy Flashback: Breakdancing Baby

While sorting through some old files, I stumbled upon this gem. A friend was having some Mommas-To-Be over and they were going to create birth art. (Here, let me Google that for you.) Most of the birth art that I had seen were beautiful forms of artistic expression. Since I wasn’t feeling very beautiful or […]
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